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4 Songza Stations That Are Going To Make You Feel Like You Are In A Haunted House

Alison Scarpulla

Alison Scarpulla

Because I am sick of everything I’ve ever listened to, I resort to listening to music that matches some aesthetic I’ve made up in the moment. If I just watched Black Swan and I need to dial it down a little, I’ll put these on. Or, if I just watched Black Swan and I want to continue feeling beautifully creeped out, I’ll also listen to these stations. These stations are super ghastly, mixing girly, ethereal vocals with chillstep or dark synthy beats.

Spectral Electro
(I listen to the Spectral Electro pretty much all day, over and over again, because it keeps me perpetually existing in a state of detachment from reality.)

This playlist focuses on the ever-nebulous witch house scene and its contemporaries, including dark synth-pop, shadowy post-dubstep, and ethereal electro

Witchy Thug Grrrl Pop
(This needs no other introduction. It’s just the soundtrack to my life, and I want everyone to come do seances with me.)Spooky female vocals over southern-rap-influenced electronic music distinguish this playlist, with plenty of noise-pop, chiptune, and hip hop mixed in for good measure. It’s purple lipstick music to read Jezebel to.
Haunted House
(Perfect for sex-and-then-sleep.)Cold, skittish electronica from witch house to post-dubstep with beautifully brooding synthpop sprinkled into the mix.

Nordic Diskomiks 
(Perhaps the most telling element here is that when I searched ‘David Lynch,’ this station popped up. And it’s exactly as you’d imagine: eerie and wintery and little fucked-up.

Pop, dance and electronica from Scandinavia. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland represent!



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