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Black is always the new Black

Black has been a color (or is it the absence of color? Art school kids can correct me if you want) that trendsetters and individuals alike have always gravitated towards. It is dark, mysterious, signifies the unknown or the lack of caring about the unknown.

Long gone are the days of just “those” kids wearing black nail polish in high school. What used to signify the goths, outcasts, rebels and free-thinkers is now everywhere. Young, old, male, female, from runways and magazines to malls and drugstores—nail polish, and black nail polish is more than just a form of rebellion from the norm.

As harsh and alarming black nail polish may appear, it can also look elegant, polished, and dare I say—classy. Black nail polish is everywhere, but it is so much more than just a dark color to decorate your fingertips. Flat black is a classic, and will forever remain a favorite in my book for a quick nail fix or to add a dark touch to any look, but there are so many types of black polishes and nail polish finishes that you can add to your collection or to join that lone bottle of black on your shelf.

Check out these polishes to give your black nails a revamp:

Zoya Nail Polish in “Raven“: This black has a slight silver shimmer with an almost metallic finish.
Intensae in “Wednesday“: Described as the purest black, it looks almost like this mysterious cylinder vial when looking at it in the sleek Intensae bottle.
Essie Nail Polish in “Licorice”: Known for their more bright and poppy colors, Essie also has a cream jet black nail polish that offers a “dark and delicious look for a rockstar attitude with sophisticated style.”
Super Black Lacquer in “Murdered Out”: The name of the nail polish line alone should draw you in, but this black “Murdered Out” is a creme polish with “the blackest mineral pigment available.” It is described as having a rubbery finish when worn without top coat that can give it an almost matte look or with top coat for a sleek finish. (Sidenote: Super Black is produced by artist Natalie of Natalie Dee, you may be familiar with the snark and wit from her web comics.)

Another thing I love is nail polish names—companies have started pairing spooky shades with spookier names and it’s kind of amazing. Who wouldn’t want to tell people their nail polish is called “Wednesday,” inspired by Wednesday Addams?

And a tip for all of those ladies (or gents) painting their nails black: Using a paint brush or Q-Tip end & a little nail polish remover is an easy way to clean around the cuticle after painting your nails. Clean lines and a nice shine (or matte) finish will keep you looking polished and vampy.

Please feel free to check out my next post about spooky nail art here!


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