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Weekly Tarot with Tif: Perfectionism Much?


When we are caught up in the fine-tuning process, the coffee gets cold. After so long, it becomes a question of whether we are still passionate about our work or if we are tinkering at something long dead to us. In taking a break or stopping we fear risking all that we have worked so hard at for so long.

I’m here to introduce you this DIYer:
Meet the Eight of Pentacles

The pentacles can have as many incarnations as our inventor wants, and each has its own value. Eventually a concept or material becomes overworked and stagnant. Don’t overwork it. Sometimes the answer lies in picking up the lukewarm coffee, nuking the coffee, taking a sip of the coffee, and getting out of the factory for a while. Take a walk. Step away from the work. It is okay to put it away for a while and return to the work with fresh eyes.

But there is so much potential here! Yes, this is true.

Our craftsperson/inventor is set on improving upon the first piece, which starts out as a basic pentacle and every incarnation afterward has added embellishments. Each one will have its own appeal to someone. Our craftsperson is not fully satisfied though and the questioning continually becomes “What next? What can I add?” We lose sight of the overall beauty of the work and become obsessed with the questioning, projecting our assumption that the work may not be good enough.

So what’s the problem here? I don’t think that smoke in the background is necessarily a good thing. Do you?

I didn’t think so. Our inventor might want to have a look at that and get some fresh air.

Sometimes a change of scene is just the inspiration we need.

It’s also okay if something doesn’t fulfill us the way that it used to, and this realization doesn’t mean that the work has gone to waste. The work may take on its own life outside of the perfect plan inside of the mind. It’s important to hold sacred the beauty of our ideas, our passion, and our process, wherever that process takes us. Blessed be the work, the hands that shape the ideas, and the life that results.

Look for more Weekly Tarot with Tif on Sundays. Want more now? Visit her blog at threepaththinking.wordpress.com

Tarot card above from the Steampunk Tarot deck by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell. 


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