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Luna Luna Loves: Divinity & Nature by Ysabel LeMay

Ysabel LeMay has basically designed my wedding gown.

Ysabel LeMay has basically designed my wedding gown.

I made a cup of coffee and started perusing Saatchi’s website at midnight, because that’s what normal people do.

When I saw a corset raining flowers, I wished I had about $5,000 extra dollars to buy the original artwork that Ysabel LeMay makes.

LeMay was born in Quebec and started by studying painting–she’s since done about 40 exhibitions worldwide. She then began to focus on photography and created a beautiful darling called “photo-fusion,” a process, “during which hundreds of photographs are taken and light and visual properties are attuned. She then assembles one detail at a time in a painterly fashion to form a single composition. ”

So, what you’re looking at is very, very real, and very very created all at once.

Ysabel LeMay

Ysabel LeMay

Ysabel LeMay

Ysabel LeMay

Ysabel LeMay

Ysabel LeMay

Ysabel LeMay

Ysabel LeMay

Ysabel LeMay

LeMay said some wonderful things about being an artist–and this applicable to pretty much everyone–to Saatchi Online’s magazine:

“How to get over your self sabotage:

1- Never compare yourself to other artists.

2- Know that your family is biased. Whether for or against, their views are skewed and do not represent an accurate reflection of your work in the world.

3- Base your success on how your art has enriched your life and how you feel when you create it.

4- Constantly push yourself to expend and learn.

5- Remember, it is the job of the artist to create new culture, not simply to regurgitate what exists.

6- Never expect your family to understand your art, but do your best to educate them about it, patiently.

7- Whenever a client/gallery owner/patron offers their advice, smile and nod. Then create your art authentically.

8- Remember what Dalí said: “Have no fear of perfection. You will never reach it.”


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