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Weekly Tarot With Tif: Happiness, Stolen Moments, And Holding Space


There are certain delightful moments that take us by surprise. Sometimes we arrive at the completion of a project or occurrence and this completion is unexpected. Or, this completion may be desired but we may not be quite there. Happiness, peace, and healing can be held in the heart. This week I want to talk to you about holding space.

Let me introduce you to the Ten of Cups:


A couple has managed to gain a stolen moment. The bower they sit beneath on the bench creates a respite away from busy lives. Symbolically, this is the sacred center where connection happens, where the heart is full, and joy and healing are to be found. He takes her hand to celebrate this small, stolen moment between them, showing that connection is always possible, no matter how insane we think our daily lives are.

I need you to take a moment to think about the others in your life and when the last time was that you shared a laugh out of nowhere over the most random thing that just happened. These moments are possible, and these moments are not simply stolen. These moments are created. This couple has embodied the concept of going with the flow, a perfect cliché for cups. Of course, cups in tarot signify emotions and the element associated with this symbolism is water. Notice how the cups on the bower are rotating and are turned in various positions. A cup begins in a downward position and twists until upright, then returns to its downward position.

Cups are the containers for the abundance of our emotions and sometimes the moments where we do not feel so fulfilled, particularly when we are away from a family member, friend, or lover. Our emotions are reactions to stimulus in our lives, ever changing moments and colliding happenings where every single second of our lives asks us to react.

Often for our loved ones we hold space for them, becoming the vessel who will listen or be the solid ground while they honor their need to breakdown for just one moment or even share their excitement with us.  A neutral ground for someone to simply be. It is important to do this with ourselves also.  When we hold space for ourselves we give ourselves permission to go through the waves of our emotions and thoughts until we come to a balanced clarity. Uncertainty and going with the flow allow for amazing synchronicity in our lives. Working at communication and finding a rhythm for ourselves and our relationships doesn’t happen overnight; it takes work, signified by the gears on the bower. It is more than possible though. Listen to yourself. Begin now.

Look for more Weekly Tarot with Tif on Sundays. Want more now? Visit her blog at threepaththinking.wordpress.com

Image:  Steampunk Tarot  by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell. 


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