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Freaky Phalanges & Creepy Nail Art

From blood dripping at your fingertips to bloodshot eyeballs, nail art has come a long way from cute pastel colors covered in glitter (don’t get me wrong, I love a good glitter look though!).

One of my very first nail art creations was a dripping blood tip inspired by my love for Gloomy Bear; a sweet, pink japanese bear character who has a dark side for mauling his owner and getting his claws a bit bloody.

I remember the look my mother gave me when I described to her that I wanted “dripping blood” on my nails—she did not look too enthusiastic. I had always been into art and drawing, but it was the want to have these dripping, bloody nails, that I needed to create them.

I remember showing my mother the finished product, and as much as she appreciated the work and artistry I had put into it, it was still not really her taste. But that is what I have came to love about nail art—it is something I do for myself. Sure, it is great to have others like them as much as I do, but it is the feeling of being able to look down at my nails and instantly smile at whatever I have created on them.

My mother owns a nail salon (cue Anjelah Johnson’s Nail Salon joke here) so I have always been around nails, but it wasn’t until having that want for something specific that I had the need to create it. It was as if I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I created “x, y, z” design(s) on my nails. Sure, it sounds a bit drastic, but since 2009 nail art has pretty much taken over my life.

I wanted to share the macabre design that started my passion for nail art. Although “dripping” nail art is almost a thing of the past, for me it will always be an oldie but a goodie—a spooky classic in my book.

I have found over the years that most of the designs I tend to illustrate or gravitate towards are more on the dark, weird and random side. The want for something that you have not seen or done before is what I really love about doing my nails and creating nail art. There are no rules and I think that is what attracts so many to this art form.

I created some dark & creepy inspired nail art designs just for Luna Luna and readers who may be interested in nail art a little outside of the box. I will be creating a tutorial for one (or some!) of these looks but need YOUR help in deciding! So please vote in our poll, leave us a comment and tell us what you would like to see & learn how to do to have your own freaky phalanges.


Images: Sincerelykimbui / Luna Luna Magazine

Check out my nail art tutorial for the design YOU guys voted on, gradient cross nails here!


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