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Pretty / Literary: Luna Luna Bookshelves

When we here at Luna Luna Magazine aren’t busy taking shit from no one at all, dancing naked or performing ectoplasmic ceremonies, we’re reading books.

What’s more beautiful than a well-loved bookshelf, filled with trinkets and stories and maybe even some alcohol and puppies? Nothing.

Margaret's Bookshelf

Luna Luna Staff Writer Margaret Bashaar’s bookshelf.

Margaret Bashaar: The top shelf – the one without books – holds my typewriter Persephone, a broadside by Laura Madeline Wiseman of her poem “Pomegranate” and a piece of art by my friend Lex titled “Oracle and Deer Child.”

The second shelf is all chapbooks and full-length books either by poets I have befriended or published by publishers I’ve befriended. It’s my favorite bookshelf.

The third shelf is full of books I return to over and over again – Neruda’s 100 Love Sonnets, Tristan Tzara’s Approximate Man, my book on Maria Sabina, Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, etc etc etc.

• • •

AMG Bookshelf

Tiny little dogs we call “bears” love Luna Luna Staff Writer Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein’s bookshelf.

Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein: My bookshelves are eclectic. They’re mostly full of poetry, but they also house books on treehouses, music theory/scores, linguistics, photography, philosophy, fiction, bookmaking, and education. Very small bears like them too. Want to know more?

• • •

Lisa Marie Basile, editor of Luna Luna, uses her bookshelf as a place where pretty things behave well with books about dead things.

Lisa Marie Basile, editor of Luna Luna, uses her bookshelf as a place where pretty things behave well with books about dead things.

Lisa Marie Basile: My bookshelf is ridiculous. Having almost no real structure, I love the idea that things I adore are found by hunting—and more so, things I have forgotten about simply pop out. Suddenly I’ll see something catch my eye and think, maybe there’s a reason.

My top bookshelf contains my MFA degree. I’m a Type D personality so I don’t care for expensive frames.  Many poetry books are housed within two weird golden-plated bookends in the shape of Wall Street animal statue figures. I found these at a road-side yard sale in the Catskills with Luna Luna staff writer Lynsey G. They’re perfect.

Then, there’s my flask. And a horror cinema picture book. The big black necklace is from Brazil, and my boyfriend gave it to me.

My second shelf contains a framed picture of the people who made me, including my redheaded mother and my two grandparents. My grandma was nicknamed “Legs.” Thanks, Grandma, for the genes.

This shelf has an abundance of Spanish language books, because I’m obsessed with it. Also, coffee.

My third bookshelf contains a positivity-inducing candle I bought at a botanica, a book-heel made by Joseph A. W. Quintela, for whom I wore a bookdress, a photo of Luna Luna staff writer Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein and I at a Parisian museum whose rooms were filled with floor to ceiling images, and Isabel Allende’s sexy cookbook (yes, she wrote one and you need it) and Granta’s Spanish language issue.

• • •

Staff Writer Laura Delarato's books are currently occupying her desk as she attempts to rebuild her book shelf.

Staff Writer Laura Delarato’s books are currently occupying her desk as she attempts to rebuild her bookshelf.

Laura Delarato: My bookshelf book a month ago, so now all my books are scattered around my room. This is just a microcosm of the brash, queer, diy literature I tend to shelf. I’m a big fan of learning by reading—1. how to burlesque, 2. how to make vegan food, 3. how to navigate butch-femme dynamics, 4. how to craft awesome things. It’s not pictured, but “The Mistress Manual” by Mistress Lorelei is one of my favorite books I own.

Sidenote: In the background you can clearly see some pasties!

• • •


Kristin LaTour: Top: Goddess spirituality, Greece, and religious-themed books. I went to Greece for a month in college, took a goddess class in grad school, and have always been spiritual in a very catholic sense. Catholic with a lowercase “c.”

Second down: All poetry. No craft, just poems. And a photo of my mom and aunt as kids.

Third down: British literature, a couple random sewing books, and a photo of my paternal grandparents.

Fourth down: Our stereo, because I’m generous with space, American literature, a photo of my maternal grandmother. And three books on sideshows because I have a goal of writing a set of sideshow themed sonnets. The people who worked them fascinate me.

Fifth down: Modern novels, and stacked horizontally are books-to-be-read.

Bottom: Travel scrapbooks from Ireland, England (two trips), and France. All my best-loved books from childhood, Russian, African and Caribbean literature.


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