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ALL Hail Tori Amos – the Ultimate Luna Luna

I’m going to start my first post with a confession: I’m a Tori Amos fanatic. If there’s anyone out there who would not only LOVE  Luna Luna Magazine, but who could also totally embody it, it would be Tori Amos.


Little Earthquakes Tori

I discovered Little Earthquakes in middle school in 1992.  It changed me.  I never heard such passion and intensity in an album, forget about hearing a girl singing solo with her piano. And it was raw and fierce. It beckoned me.

I soon became obsessed with Under the Pink, –  who wouldn’t fall in love with “Cornflake Girl”, (Rabbit, where’d you put the keys girrrrl??) and my personal favorite, “Yes, Anastasia?” (Girls girls/ What have we done, what have we done to ourselves?)

It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I’d have to say it’s probably Boys for Pele.    That album was the first time I ever saw Tori in concert – at Jones Beach, on Long Island in 1996.

tori-amos-1996-concert stub - ny

tori-amos-1996-concert stub – ny


It was Tori, pre-band, and I was lucky enough to have seen in that kind of element, because it was hypnotic to be sitting there outside, on the beach, as a teenager, under the stars.   I’ll never forget seeing her fire-red hair shaking out over her shoulders as she straddled her piano bench to play not one, but two pianos.   Who was this vixen?


piano goddess

What I love about Tori is that she takes risks, not only in her songs and her lyrics, but also in her photography.  When Boys for Pele came out, it had some of the freakiest photos in its CD case.

Here’s one that always fascinated me:


Boys For Pele Tori

I was so happy to be a subscriber to Rolling Stone Magazine, in the 1990’s,s when I came home to this issue waiting for me in my bedroom:


Best Cover of Rolling Stone

From The Choirgirl Hotel  is another great album as it’s one of her creepiest albums.  It’s more electronic and haunting.   “She’s Your Cocaine” is one of my favorites. So, is “Iieee,” which includes some of my favorite lyrics about being female:

“We scream in catherdrals
Why can’t it be beautiful
Why does there
Gotta be a sacrifice”

Girl power, Red hair, fireflies, wigs, magic, witchcraft – what more does Luna Luna need?

Times change.  I’m no longer an innocent 16 year old, and Tori Amos is now a mother living in Cornwall, England, who just wrote her first musical, The Light Princess, coming to London in Fall of 2013.

To end, what I love about Tori is what I love about all strong women, whether they be musicians, poets, writers, politicians, actresses, is her ability to reinvent herself and yet stay true to herself. One of my least favorite albums, Posse, is a perfect example of this. In the photo below, all images are Tori dresses as representations of different characters.   She’s creative to the extreme.  The album worked for a lot of people, but wasn’t really my cup of tea. “Big Wheel” was probably my favorite song on that album because it’s real catchy.



She constantly tries new things. I last saw her last year at NYC’s Beacon Theater for the Night of the Hunters Tour The Apollon Musagete Quartet. I had never seen her sing with a set of string instruments. It’s amazing how she alters her music accordingly.

If you aren’t a Tori Fan, you should be. Not only is she a legend in my eyes, but she’s also introduced me to a lot of the classics, and, again, reinvented some of the ones I already love:  Leonard Cohen’s Famous Blue Raincoat and Hallelujah; The Rolling Stones’ Angie; Bill Withers Ain’t No Sunshine;  Elton John’s Daniel, The Cure’s Lovesong, and  Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell.”

Once a Tori Fan, always a Tori Fan…

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