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Lube For All!


I have heard so many reasons as to why a person doesn’t want to use lubricant.

“I’m already wet enough”
“Old women use lube”
“We use spit”
“My boyfriend won’t like it if I use lube”
“I don’t want to seem unaroused”

Bottomline: Lube is good. It prevents friction, it prevents tears, and it makes everything slide easier. And it’s good for everyone.

Female-bodied people do produced mucus membranes that excrete from the pores along the vaginal wall and provide a type of lubricant. This happens when the person is physically aroused or when the vagina is going through its own self-cleaning cycle.

Some females don’t produce as much as others. And that’s okay! That’s just how your body works! It doesn’t pertain to age at all, so that myth that older women can only use lube because the vagina gets drier with age is beyond untrue.

Actually I will go as far as saying that using lubricant when you’re younger is just as important or more important than when you are older, as it helps to prevent chaffing, tears, infections, and promotes the body’s natural moisture. It also helps to prevent the decreasing of sensation that can occur from rubbing dry part up against each other for long periods of time.

Male bodied people don’t produce any membranes so it would make sense to use lubricant while masturbating or penetrating. There is the argument that uncircumcised men don’t need lubricant because the foreskin acts like a sleeve.

But if you’re penetrating your partner without lube, and you have an uncircumcised penis, the chances of you pulling too far back on the attaching glans at the frenulum are much greater than if you had lubricant to help you glide it along.

Using lubricant is not a reflection on you or your partner’s arousal. The body is going to work the way it wants to work.

Debby Herbenick, associate director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at IU’s School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, conducted a study involving women who used one of six different water- or silicone-based lubricants.

Vaginal tearing occurred during less than 1 percent of vaginal intercourse events and genital pain was reported in less than 5 percent of intercourse acts when lubricant was used.

At the same time, there are females that produce a lot of fluid. You should still be using lubricant. The liquid that is being produced is happening internally. And it will eventually leave your body. Lubricant is not at watery and will last a lot longer than what the body is producing.

I would recommend using lube no matter what your doing. It makes everything more sensitive without friction. Of course there are going to be those people out there that are going to watch this and say, “I am not using lubricant for whatever reason.” And that is totally your decision. All I’m saying is that it is highly recommended.

There are things you should definitely use lubrication for: if you are participating in any sort of anal sex, please bring a bottle of lubricant with you. The anal canal does not produce any lubricant and without lubricant you will definitely cause friction, tears, are the possibility of pulling out the lining.

Okay, let’s go over the facts!

Lube is good.

Lube makes everything more sensitive.

Not using lubricant will cause friction, which will cause tears, and thus making it easier to transmit bacteria into your body.

Lube can be used for any type of sex: oral, vaginal, anal, especially anal, masturbation, and with toys.

The amount of lubricant producer by the body does not reflect the arousal or interest of that person.

Lube can also be useful for:

Getting out those creeks in your door hinges
Decreasing friction that happens when your shoe rubs up against your heel.
Smoothing down frizzy hair.
Instant glossy lips!
Tattoo moisturizer.
Removing bandaids!
Please keep in mind, there are different lubricant out their. They do different things, and some are not very good for you. For example:
Did you know that the same company that produces the popular drugstore lubricant KY also produces Monistat? Yeah digest that one. So the glycerin in the lube gives you that irritation and year infection and then you go to the store, and buy Monistat. Fantastic business plan. Terrible for your body.
Recommendation: Sliquid Sea or Babeland Lubricant!
Image: Babeland

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