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Crafts Corner: A How-To Guide To Making Your Own Pendulum

Image: Teresa Moorey

Image: Teresa Moorey

Confession: I love a project. When I find a broken branch in the mud, kicked idly into the dirt by a disillusioned dog walker, my first instinct is to dig out my crafts kit and spend my Friday night turning it into a bad-ass magic wand over a glass of red wine.

So of course, when I broke my first ever pendulum (made with my mum’s forgotten ring and a rusting old chain), I shrugged the idea of purchasing a new one off lamely. Not only would it keep post-university unemployment boredom at bay, but crafting my own pendulum would greater charge the crystal with my own energies and make for more successful divination.

There is a common misconception that pendulum divination is an instrument used only by the paranormally inclined – a religious tool used by those of whimsical grandeur in order to contact the ‘other side’. In actual reality, with a little bit of spiritual know-how and old-fashioned open-mindedness, anybody can use a pendulum and see accurate results. When charged with ones own auric potential, it will answer any question we seek to understand.

When using a pendulum, we tap into our subconscious, higher selves, allowing us to gain insight and understanding of questions that our logical, rational minds may not allow us to see past. They can also be used for spiritual contact. We can communicate with outside spirits and energies, gain information about our past lives (with great accuracy, right down to the countries in which we once lived), and communicate with malevolent energies looking to bring us harm. A pendulum will communicate with any energy on a higher, spiritual plane.

Whatever your motive for pendulum divination, when it comes to making one, you need the right tools.

Tools you will need –

1. Craft or jewellery wire

2. 1 chain

3. 1 crystal or rock (these can either be store bought or you can use your own)

4. Superglue (optional)

5. Gems/jewels (optional)

6. Paint (optional)

7. Beads (optional)

Once you have popped over to your local crafts shop and gathered all the cool little tools you will need, time to get started on making your own, personal pendulum.

Firstly, take your crystal. Crystals are good to use because not only do they look pretty, but also you will often find that one end usually comes to a point, which is useful when performing divination. If you don’t want to use a crystal (or are finding it difficult to get one) then substitute it for any sort of stone, it will work in just the same way. Luna Luna Loves: If you can – use your birthstone. You will find that this way, your pendulum will be even more in tune with your energies and spiritual self.

Okay, so this part can get a little fiddly. Once you have your crystal, grab your craft wire. Gently wrap the wire around the length of the crystal, starting at the top. Wrap it around three or four times, until it is firmly in place, leaving a small loop at the top big enough for our chain to slip through. Luna Luna Loves: Squeeze a small amount of superglue around the length of the crystal before wrapping the craft wire around it. This is not compulsory, but you may find the wire has a tighter grip around your crystal.*

Next, take your chain and slip it through the loop you made with the craft wire. Make sure your chain isn’t too long, or it can make divination difficult when holding it over surfaces. A typical necklace chain is perfect.

Ta-da! Now you have your pendulum in its simplest form. Some of you may want it plain and simple, in which case skip to the part where I teach you how to charge and calibrate your pendulum so it’s in tune with your aura and ready for divination. Luna Luna Loves: Getting crafty and creative with our crystal.

Okay, so this is the part where you can be as creative as you like when decorating your pendulum. It’s a really cool idea, for it becomes truly personal to you. Express your personality unto your pendulum. As previously mentioned, the decorative element is totally individual to you, so I will give a few tips outlining little tricks you can do for those of you who are perhaps less creatively inclined, or are unsure of how to embellish your pendulum:

1. Superglue crystals or gems onto the surface of your stone. Now, you can cover as much or as little of the pendulum as you like, but I would recommend keeping to the top half of the stone as covering the point can interfere with divination. Decorate it with colours that are important to you – for example the colour of your birthstone. If you engage with the Sun, glue yellow crystals, or indeed blue crystals if Water resonates with you. If your favourite day of the week were Friday, a little bit of pink wouldn’t go amiss. And finally, you may want to decorate your crystal with gems of your favourite colour. Make it your own!

2. Thread beads of your choice through the chain of your pendulum. In the same way as before, pick colours that resonate with you. This could be the colours of the seasons, or indeed the colours of the rainbow. You may want to change the beads each time you use your pendulum, choosing the colours appropriate to your particular intention. If you choose to do this, you will need to re-charge your pendulum each time.

3. Glue small crystals into a particular pattern. Take yellow crystals and glue them into the shape of the Sun, or white crystals into the shape of the moon. This is of course, trickier, if your stone has an uneven surface.

4. Paint your pendulum. I think it’s a really cool idea to paint a particular rune on your stone, depending on what you intend to use your pendulum for, or which runes are important to you. There are so many runes to choose from, including: protection, wisdom, awareness, and vision. Use the rune to help you to achieve whatever it is you feel you need.

5. Take a trip to your local crafts shop and have a nosey around. You will be sure to find an array of quirky, cool little embellishments you feel you want to decorate your pendulum with to make it individual to you.

And so you have it, your very own pendulum! Now all you need to do is allow it to connect with the Earth and with your own energy. At the moment, your pendulum is a neutral instrument, free from any and all energy. For it to do its job, you need your energies to connect and harmonise with the pendulum. There are numerous ways to do this, so it’s important to choose the one that you feel most natural and comfortable doing.

1. Leave it outside overnight, in direct exposure to the moonlight.

2. Leave it in salt overnight.

3. Wear it around your neck – or in your pocket – throughout the day and overnight.

4. Luna Luna Loves: The most effective method would be to take the body of the pendulum and hold it in your hand. To charge your pendulum, sit alone in a quiet, solitary part of your garden (or anywhere outdoors) where you can feel the energies from the Universe. Close your eyes and focus in your intentions on your pendulum, taking steady, even breaths. By doing this, you are communicating your spirit, energies and aura into your pendulum, charging it with the auric potential it needs to communicate with your higher self. Stay in the garden for as long as you need – your spirit will tell you when your pendulum is ready.

The final step you will need to take before using your pendulum is to calibrate it. In the loosest sense, you are getting to know it. No two energies are the same, in the same way that no two fingerprints are the same. Therefore, what may determine ‘yes’ for one pendulum may not for another. In order for it to answer your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions, you need to know what means ‘yes’ and what means ‘no’.

To do this, hold the pendulum by the chain in the hand that feels most comfortable to you. This will usually be your writing hand, as the muscles in the fingers and the palm are stronger. Hold it out in front of you and ensure that it is perfectly still. Then, simply ask it a question to which the answer is already known to you:

‘Is my name Sophie?’

‘Am I a student?’

‘Do I have a dog?’

In my case, the answer to these questions would be ‘yes’. Once you have asked your question, observe the motion of your pendulum. Notice the direction in which it is moving – is it moving in clockwise circles? Anti-clockwise circles? Side to side? Back and forth? It may take a few attempts, but eventually you will be able to determine the movement that corresponds with ‘yes’.

Do the same for ‘no’ answers and as before, observe the direction in which the pendulum swings. In the early stages, keep the questions simple.

‘Is my surname Smith?’

When answering ‘no’, the pendulum will swing in a different, usually opposite, direction to the answer that determines ‘yes’. Sometimes, the pendulum may be unclear of the answer or in some circumstances, reluctant to answer. This will bring with it a third motion, which will be the pendulum opting-out. Wait a while before asking your question again, or ask different questions to help you determine why the pendulum is unwilling to answer.

Remember: practice is key. Do not become discouraged if, on the first few attempts, you cannot get your pendulum to give you a definite, clear answer of what is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. It is common for it to take a little practice before you master pendulum divination.

And there you have it: your very own handy, how-to guide for making, cleansing and calibrating your pendulum. Now all you need to do is love it, honour it and have fun with it. Happy divination!

*Remember; be careful of your fingers when using superglue. You don’t want to become a human pendulum. I take no responsibility for human pendulums.

Sophie Elizabeth Moss is a second year undergraduate at the Cardiff school of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, a faculty of Cardiff University. When not searching for the perfect leather jacket, she can be found wincing the night away in a quiet corner of the English countryside, penning gritty horror novels of grandeur supernatural splendour and nurturing a dysfunctional relationship with her out-of-tune bass guitar and misanthropic pendulum. Disillusioned with societal expectations of the ‘modern woman’, she is a pro-choice, body positivity supporter and is haunted by the ghost of Simone de Beauvoir. @Sophiedelays


2 thoughts on “Crafts Corner: A How-To Guide To Making Your Own Pendulum

  1. Excellent and informative post! I’ve been using a pendulum for several years. It’s a life-saver. So often when I’ve needed instant guidance, it’s been there for me. I carry mine with me all the time. It’s become my best friend!!

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