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9 Beautiful & Totally Creepy Makeup Tutorials (Noir, Vamp & Vintage)

It’s Labor Day. That means you’re sitting at home doing nothing (save for taking long baths with long white candles and reading Spanish poetry and secretly listening to Katy Perry). So why not try out a face full of goth-girl makeup and then send us your photos to feature. Go!

A gorgeous, Circus-meets-Old Hollywood look:

A perfect roaring-20s look:

If you can bear with the cheesy metal music background and the schizophrenic video speed-up, you’ll love this, because this old-timey Noir look will make you want to live in seaside mansions with tall, strange men who drink from chalices:

This Maybelline look is for those of us want to do Noir but also want to keep it light. Think dinner-party with parents meets Vampire sex:. It can go both ways, depending on the vampire:

This video is by the awesome Michelle Phan. She’s showing us how to do a vampire look, but manages to keep it glamorous and clean. She’s highly detailed and intuitive. Girl also has little votives in the background and cheesy synth goth music. Love!

This video is part of the creator’s “Book of Fables” (a makeup tutorial creepy story) and involves creating a cracked-glass-doll look on your face. It also includes cinematic shots of a girl playing a dead doll. Yes.

This girl knows her creepy looks, because Cracked-Doll lady also paints a serious lace palette on her face:

This look has a wild eye design that is pretty sharp and wild. Feels a little 90s–but why not?

This lovely, soft-spoken and positive YouTube Tutorial artist mixes sunshine and goth in this look:


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