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Don’t Judge A Woman By Her Nails


Are you really trying to judge my personality based on the color of my nail polish or the shape that I file my nails?

“What Your Nail Shape Says About You!” or “What Your Nail Polish Is REALLY Telling The World,”—these are the types of articles I have seen pop up since nails have become more predominant in the beauty realm and it just makes me ask, “Really?”

Not only have nails & nail art been recognized as an outlet of expression and a true art to some, but has it also become another thing to pick apart? I do see the correlation between the colors or nail art you choose and your personality type, but have these articles made it become too gimmicky?

Long gone are the days of black nails only on young witches and glitter on girls throwing imaginary tea parties. I think it depends on the preference and taste/style of the individual, but are you really trying to judge my personality based on the color of my nail polish or the shape that I file my nails? Some of the statements I read are true about anything of that color, like “Nude is for the classic woman,” or “Bright polish is for the trendy and daring girl.” It’s like some companies or media outlets are just recycling old stories, but replacing the topic with nails/nail art.

I guess my thing is that there will always be “What Your Choice About (Insert Trend) Says About You” pieces, but it was only a matter of time before the manicure decisions you make are picked at and analyzed as well.

What if I just liked the color without having to be seriously committed to it somehow, like painting a room or buying a shirt in that color. Instead, I can just have it on my nail.

In the end I think that, like many of the decisions you make, are based on not only your preferences but also your mood. The beauty of nail polish and nail art is that it can be temporary, not a full commitment, and you have the ability to create whatever you want and remove it whenever you want. It’s unique and custom to you and in that moment.

Maybe I’m just being a bit sensitive since these types of articles will always be around in some shape or form. And as serious as I do take nails, sometimes I just want to tell people “It’s just nails.”

Image: Kim Bui

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Kim Bui  is a freelance artist & designer from Norfolk, Va. She is a recent graduate of Pace University trying her hand at a little bit of everything; illustration, art direction & nail art. She has a passion for print design and finding the perfect pen. @Sincerelykimbui


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