LUNA LUNA APOTHECARY: Desert Essence Oil, Or Why My Face Should Have Its Own Oil Rig

Squeaky, squeaky clean is waiting for you.
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Universe, help me. I’m 25-years-old and am breaking out like a prepubescent Moaning Myrtle (where all my Harry Potter fan-girls at?)

I have blemishes all over my chest, back and isolated incidents on my neck. No, they aren’t hickies – although that would be sticking with the Harry Potter high-school thing. Aside from picking at each individual pore as if I am searching for buried treasure, I am finding that when I go to squeeze the bejeezus out of my face (disclaimer: you should never ever try to squeeze a pimple because of bacteria, inflammation, blah blah health class stuff) I was excavating more oil than gunk. I know, TMI, but….

Unfortunately my face oil isn’t profitable in the petroleum sector, so I needed a way to clean the spill up fast. I came across an olive-oil based wash that I loved. It was cheap, easy to make, and made my skin feel decently clean.

1tb    Olive Oil (moisturizer)
3tb    Castor Oil (cleanser)
1tps  Tea Tree Oil (acne attacker)

That’s it. Combine, shake and massage onto your skin. Once you are tired of being your own masseuse, gently towel off with warm water. You can play around with the ratio depending on your skin type. Plus, you can find all of these ingredients at your local natural food store or natural beauty store.

When I am feeling that the acne is getting out of control, I am a fan of applying straight Tea Tree Oil by Desert Essence during my shower, followed by a light application of a moisturizer.

That’s it. What did you think about this blend?


One thought on “LUNA LUNA APOTHECARY: Desert Essence Oil, Or Why My Face Should Have Its Own Oil Rig

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