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Weekly Tarot With Tif: Doublethink Dumbing Us To Death



In the film Detachment substitute teacher Henry Barthes asks students to define the word: “Doublethink.”

Meredith: Having two opposing beliefs at once, believing that both are true.

Mr. Barthes: To deliberately believe in lies, while knowing they are false. Examples of this in everyday life: Oh, I need to be pretty to be happy. I need surgery to be pretty. I need to be thin, famous, fashionable. Young men today are being told today that women are whores, bitches, things to be screwed, beaten, shit on, shamed. This is a marketing holocaust. Twenty-four hours a day, for the rest of our lives, the powers that be are hard at work dumbing us to death. So, to defend ourselves and fight against assimilating this dullness into our thought processes. We must learn to read to stimulate our imaginations, to cultivate our own consciousness, our own belief systems… We all need these skills to defend, to preserve our own minds.” 

This week I have a new type of reading for you.


Dancer of Fear: Companion Spirit For This Week

Fear can seem to strike us in the heart center at the most inopportune time. Like our ancestors, we experience fear on a daily basis as we struggle to survive, but our struggle for survival (and how we define it) has grown more more complicated over time, through societal change. Fear comes in many forms with a challenge. It teaches what it is to be afraid, the value of fear: the awareness of risks, when to move forward and when to retreat, the breaking of barriers, to strengthen, to ask what we are preserving and why… Sometimes it causes us to withdraw for healthy or unhealthy reasons from society, relationships, and even layers of the self. Often, we interpret it as causing more harm than good, and in turn, we perpetuate the cycle.

And we do feel “beaten, shit on, shamed…”  and it is at the root of our treatment of others in our circles, our family, wars over religion, slut-shaming, the things we tell ourselves… We (not just one person, US, together) make it true. After a time, we have to make it true because it’s safe, because it has been true for so long, because generations before us have maintained it… Do we?

Fear teaches us more about who we are.

Seven of Swords: You, The Journeyer, This Week

Somebody has stolen something from you. Could you be the thief? Who is this chick and why is she taking all the swords? What is she running from? It could be the swords are of her own creation, the only symbol she has for her past experience; she put work into it, and it just didn’t work out. She was undervalued, unappreciated. The institution, individual, or society didn’t care for what she had to offer and may have even ridiculed her. Sure, she’s stepping forward into the unknown (aka all that dense fog), but that type of scary may be less scary to her than the risks she may perceive by staying in the original environment.

Swords in tarot traditionally symbolize our thought processes and more often than naught how we tend to drive ourselves crazy with worry, what ifs, and the usual gunk we keep spinning around the clockwork gears in our minds. The swords are all the same. Maybe it’s time for a new vision.


This week I encourage you to look at the “doublethink” going on within your mind and also on a larger scale in the world. If you hone in on your pattern of fear this week, just look at how you process it in your mind and in your body. Imagine a part of you taking shorthand on the experience. So go ahead and ask:

  1. What am I afraid of?
  2. Is the fear necessary to my survival or happiness? Is it a true fear?
  3. Why am I afraid? Fear can hint at restlessness. It’s an itch do something different, and usually we equate “different” with “bad.”

I challenge you:

  1. List your what if questions. You know the ones that spin around in your head and keep you awake at night and distract you from life. Write them out. Then let life take its course. Revisit the questions and impartially write out how they played out and your role in the process. See if the final result feels right to you. Are you “safe” after all?
  2. Reinvent “what if.” What if… What if I [insert random, scary amazing thing here]?


Look for more Weekly Tarot with Tif on Sundays. Want more now? Visit her at http://threepaththinking.weebly.com/ and check out the blog and other cool things.

Images: Flickr/Mandragor (1). Shaman’s Oracle Deck and Steampunk Tarot (2).

Tiffany Chaney is a poet, a witchy woman that still swings on the swing set and wishes on stars. She paints naked and non-naked things, which are basically still naked. Snag a tarot readingBetween Blue and Grey (her first poetry collection), branding materials, and other things at tiffanychaney.com.


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