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What Nail Polish Would These 2D Indie Chicks Wear?

Black nail polish is a classic, but what about when you’re finally ready to branch out? I paired some of my favorite dark polishes with some of the daring indie girls of animation. These are for the girls who did what they wanted and kicked ass while being ever so creepy chic.

Luna-Luna-Jane-Nail-PolishJane Lane—Her snark combined with her love for art made her awesome on Daria. Decked out in her usual black and red, I think she’d appreciate a little grey. Revlon Nail Enamel in Iconic is the perfect dark polish. It may not be black, but it is a nice deep alternative. Grey tones are great if you want something neutral but still dark. I imagine her taking a break from her art to paint her nails while watching “Sick Sad World” and giving Daria sarcastic advice over the phone. Even if she gets right back into making art after, at least the color will match the grey of the clay if she’s sculpting.

Luna-Luna-Lydia-Nail-PolishLydia Deetz—From the animated series “Beetlejuice(1),” Lydia is a teen with a love for the “strange and unusual,” as she travels back and forth between her world and the Neitherworld with Beetljuice (2). In the Neitherworld she wears a red spiderweb dress/poncho with a long black sleeve/glove look. “Petra” by Zoya is an opaque purple/grey polish that would perfectly match her Neitherworld self and the purple of her make-up and tired eyes (no offense Lydia, we love it!). They’d give her a nails a dark demeanor as she practices her photography or creates her custom horror movie dolls, all while keeping an eye on Beetlejuice(3!).

Luna-Luna- Spinelli-Nail-Polish

Ashley Spinelli—Although she is the toughest kid at Third Street School at Recess, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like having her nails done. A deep red like “Midnight Passion” from H&M is more of a rich color than the bright red she usually wears. I see her finishing her nails off with a a matte top coat to match the wear and tear of her leather jacket and boots. Imagine seeing those nails as she cracks her knuckles, ready to chase someone around the yard.


Debbie Thornberry—Her purple lipstick, flannel, and headbanging hair are a perfect match for “Party Bruise” by Floss Gloss. “Inspired By That Bruise Whose Origins Are Unknown” this brown/black with a hint of navy is ideal for the loner Thornberry. She’s the kind to unwind with her teen magazine and painting her nails after coming back from lion country and tearing up whatever jungle the Thornberrys are in.

Luna-Luna-Judy-Nail-PolishJudy Funnie—Her trademark purple beret and black sunglasses show the dark soul she is forever trying to depict to her family. They just don’t get you, we feel you Judy. They think you are overdramatic and just don’t understand your art. I image her reciting Shakespeare as she painted her nails in “Purple Reign” by Diosa Nails & Polish. This polish is the perfect purple/black for any poetry slam.

Images from: Revlon/Sapeni WordPress, Zoya/Starforgedattire WordPress, H&M/TumblrFloss Gloss/Tumblr, Diosa Nails/Tumblr.


We love snarky cartoon chicks. Check out Laura D.’s outfit choices for style icon Daria here.

Kim Bui  is a freelance artist & designer from Norfolk, Va. She is a recent graduate of Pace University trying her hand at a little bit of everything; illustration, art direction & nail art. She has a passion for print design and finding the perfect pen. @Sincerelykimbui


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