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Fall Weather Wear For The Chubby Lady

As much as I would like to post about feminism and sex this week, I’m finding that the forefront of my mind is geared towards fashion as it’s getting cold out and I’m searching for new, cute clothes for the change in weather. But I am—and other curvy, chubby, fat, plus-size identified femmes—finding it to be a bit difficult. I don’t want to just through on a shapeless coat and go on my merry way. No. That’s not happening.

This may be the time to cover up from the colder air, but it’s certainly not the time to hide your amazing body from the rest of the world. And because most clothing lines consider plus-size fashion to be about over-sized, unsexy, cover-all looks, we have to navigate a little further to get a look that accentuates our shape.

• • •

Fall Fashion

Merona cardigan

H M sweater
$24 –

Zoe Karssen sweater
$260 –

Plus size coat

Weekend Max Mara coat
$625 –

H M jacket
$56 –



Old navy belt

• • •

Extra! Extra!

Add a belt to your jacket:
It creates more shape instead of a plain, straight-down look.

Invest in some nice tights:
Short skirts are immediately transformed from a cute summer, run-a-round outfit to something that can look professional with flats, and sexy with boots. Just remember not to do a harsh contrast skirt to the tights.

The Hoodie x Jean Jacket Weekend Look
Gray hood and a light denim jacket with some thick leggings. There you go. There is your “I don’t want to do anything” saturday morning outfit. Check out Old Navy for some basic pieces. Add some low-slung boots and some pink lipstick, and you’ll be ready to walk the dogs in style with very very little effort.

Layer tights
Grab a nude and a black pair, and check out the magic.

Extra! Extra! Extra! Extra!

This is kind of the best time to pull off the classic gloves and dress look.


Image: Bettie Page Clothing

Laura Delarato is a web producer, writer, social media consultant, and video creator in NYC. She has spent a lot of the past 10-years of her life in internships, college, part-time jobs, graduate school, and in front of a computer typing away her next brilliant idea. Her work has appeared in Playgirl Magazine, Kong Magazine, London Glossy Magazine…and at one time CosmoGirl! Magazine. Laura spends a lot of her time typing code for the web department of Details Magazine, performing improv at The Magnet Theater, and taking any burlesque class she can find. She was nominated for Best Series at The New School’s media department awards for her show: Fat Girl, A Web Series, which was also featured on the site LESGO-NYC as a new show to watch out for. When she is not fixing the internet, Laura likes to be a total badass by participating in body-positive/fat-acceptance activism, crafting pasties, discussing the beauty of pornography, and wearing all the short skirts. @lauradelarato


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