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Eight Reasons Why I Want A Man Like Gomez Addams

Two days ago, I went shopping with one of my clients and the subject of smoker’s jackets came up. I LOVE Smoker’s Jackets (I’ve got a thing for Velvet) especially in “Gypsy Red” or Merlot and its all because of Gomez Addams. The late, great, stunning Raul Julia depicted Gomez in The Addams Family films in the 90’s and I thought he looked so debonair in his smoker’s jacket (and everything else).

My client seemed surprised and amused by my crush and he made fun of me a little which made me blush. I am not ashamed of my affections for Gomez or any of the other fictional characters (Dr. Manhattan, Bruce Leroy, Rhett Butler, Ogami Itto, The Man With No Name or “L” from Death Note) but I do understand why he lifted an eyebrow. I mean, on the surface Gomez appears to be nothing more than a hyper sexual psycho (Eh, I was engaged to one for several years so that doesn’t bother me) but he has alot more going for himself than meets the eye. So here are the eight reasons I adore Gomez Addams:

1. Tall, Dark and Handsome

Yes, I mean his appearance but also his temperament and demeanor. Gomez exudes a sexy confidence that shimmers brightly beneath the Goth exterior. He looks good AND doesn’t mind if I burn skull candles all over the house even if Halloween is months away.

2. Well Groomed and Stylish

Gomez always looks neat, clean and well put together even when he is at home. He’s also appropriately attired for any occasion. Come on, the man wears luxurious fabrics, cravats and uses plenty of Brylcreem…what is there not to like about this guy?

3. Passionate

Gomez is far from a “ho-hummer” because he is passionate about EVERYTHING he does. Whether its golfing, fencing, dancing, playing chess or smooching his wife wrist to shoulder he puts his heart and soul into whatever he’s doing.

4. Clear & Content

Gomez has knowledge of self. Most people think they are better or worse than they really are but Gomez seems to understand and be okay with his nature. Thus, he is totally unthreatened by anyone or anything external to himself. How else could he handle an extremely powerful Wife and Mother-In-Law? A lesser man would fear they would eventually shrink their dick to the size of a cocktail weenie.

5. Virile & Romantic

Gomez is always in the mood for love and CAN do it all night. He is also unafraid to try new things in the bedroom if it will make Morticia happy. Gomez also enjoys a good waltz or tango with a perfect long stemmed red rose between his teeth. Nuff said.

6. Unafraid of Death

Gomez is not afraid to take risks because he is not afraid to die. It is his morbidity that fuels his desire to live life to the fullest. He does what he wants when he wants because he is never unaware of the grave that looms before us all.

7. Financially Secure

Gomez is a very rich man and as such has no problem providing a comfortable life for his wife and children. That’s always a plus in my book.

8. He Plays With Swords & Knives

Gomez is a master swordsman and is an expert knife thrower. I like being with cunning men that know how to fight. I am a sword and dagger collector myself and if there is ever a zombie apocalypse my mate has to be ready to chop heads like I would Michonne-Style.

Image: Owen Roizman


Tayannah McQuillar is a writer and the Founder of Demimonde Public Relations ( @demimondepr


2 thoughts on “Eight Reasons Why I Want A Man Like Gomez Addams

  1. I prefer John Astin myself, but Gomez in all his forms has been a long-time crush of mine as well. Passionate is a good word for him but I prefer, Excitable. He’s incredibly energetic and he just throws that energy at whatever catches his fancy. I love that in a man. Or anybody for that matter

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