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It’s Not Dead Yet: Plan Ahead for Novelty Brooch Friday, Ladies!

Novelty items have always been popular since they are by definition unusual and inexpensive. They don’t serve a real purpose and, therefore, are fun. Unlike knickknacks that require dusting, or decorations that only come out on holidays, novelty brooches are something one can wear all year long, require very little maintenance, and don’t take up much storage. Brittany over at Va-Voom Vintage has a great collection:

I'm so in love with that pistol! And the umbrella! And the kitty! And who am I kidding?! I want them ALL!

I’m so in love with that pistol! And the umbrella! And the kitty! And who am I kidding?! I want them ALL!

I discovered Novelty Brooch Friday through my Instagram account. It seems that there are many vintage-loving ladies in Australia, and I started seeing the hashtag #noveltybroochfriday with snaps of cute pins of animals, flowers, fruit, bugs, just about anything you can imagine, on my feed, mainly from women living Down Under. I joined in, as did many other people, and now there are close to 1,000 pictures tagged on Instagram.

It all started with two of those fabulous Aussie ladies, Erin and Claire. They have awesome blogs, The Fawn Times and Tunabake Times. AND, they have started giveaways for people who use the hashtag and post pics of their brooches on Instagram. Each month, they feature an artist and give away a brooch. They also do artist profiles. Pretty nice! You can follow them at their accounts Tunabake and fawn_tastic.

When I discovered Novel Brooch Friday, I already had a few pins, mainly berries and one with a pair of birds. It’s given me a new excuse to keep my eye out for fun pins that I may not otherwise think of purchasing. I’ve added a couple of cute animals and flowers. While I never need an excuse to wear my vintage jewelry, Fridays are a little more fun for wearing something cute and fun.

If you’re thinking that cute brooches like these only look good on frocks and Angora sweaters, you’re dead wrong. These bitching beauties are rocking on t-shirts, jackets, and tanks. See?

on a jacket...

on a jacket…

on a tank...

on a tank…

on a  t-shirt or sweater...

on a t-shirt or sweater…

As far as storing these jewels, and cleaning them, it’s easy. If you find one and it needs a little polish, use a soft toothbrush and warm water to get off the dirt. I let mine air dry in a sunny spot after cleaning them. Don’t use anything abrasive or soak them. Often the stones are just glued in, and goldtone paint can flake off. To make sure your brooch is secure, follow Chronically Vintage‘s advice using a tiny rubber hair band.
Storing doesn’t mean having tons of jewelry boxes, or even putting them all away. I keep mine on a foamcore board covered in quilt fabric, framed and mounted, much like Va-Voom Vintage’s. Mine is in my bathroom so I can see them all easily, and it looks pretty! You can also pin them to an old tie, sweater, or scarf, and then hang it in your closet, or put the hanger on a drawer-pull or mount a hook on a wall. Display and enjoy!

My small, but growing collection.

My small, but growing collection.

Happy collecting, and you now have four days to get ready for Novelty Brooch Friday! See you on Instagram!


Kristin LaTour’s life is like a small Victorian boarding house of familiar guests. Some may only visit occasionally; some never leave, and all are welcome. Find out more at her website.

4 thoughts on “It’s Not Dead Yet: Plan Ahead for Novelty Brooch Friday, Ladies!

  1. Hi Kristin,
    I am so pleased you enjoy this little bit of fun on a Friday Erin and I started back in June. We have met some lovely ladies through Instagram and not to forget some lovely brooches, makers and sellers.
    We are so pleased so many people can join in, most novelty brooches don’t cost much so it can be fun for everyone.
    Looking forward to seeing your brooch on Friday

    • Claire, it is fun both to participate and watch online. I love having a new collection to grow that is so easy to care for, and yes, that’s not going to break my bank account! See you on Instagram!

  2. I LOVE brooches! And especially novelty ones! I’ve been saving a bunch in my favourites on etsy, and wanted to do a post about them. I think brooches are such a fantastic accessory, and now discovering this novelty brooch Friday, I can’t wait to participate! My collection is small for now, just a couple of Victorian era ones and some others, you have to start somewhere! Your growing collection looks lovely! :)

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