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Digital Scrapbook: September 2013

So I keep a little folder on my desktop named “digital scrapbook.” It was created when my screenshot-happy ways began to crowd out the important stuff on my desktop; now they can all reside out of sight in this liberally-curated archival folder. Sometimes the screenshots are visual notes about things I want to look into or phrases and ideas I want to remember. Sometimes they’re historical record; or evidence of some point or idea I might be having. With a few boxes of passed notes, pictures, cut-outs from teen poetry journals, love letters, tabloid pictures of Angelina Jolie and mid-90s copies of Seventeen and Jane magazines in my parents attic, I’m a just a little bit of a document hoarder, I guess. I hate the ephemeral. So it makes sense that I tend to clip and save little pieces of the Internet.

Because I’m having blogger’s block today, I’m going to open up my digital scrapbook to you. Here is a selection of things I felt necessary to screenshot or save to it this September (many for reasons now mysterious to me), along with any titles I save them as. Ummm … enjoy?

Digital Scrapbook // September 2013

File: Ugh me too

ugh me too

File: skinny calves? I think I though it was funny/weird that men ostensibly cared about this.

skinny calves?

File: the ante. No idea what was happening here. Remote farms? Psychotic housewives? Why was this significant???

the ante

file: psychological egoism win

psychological egotism on breaking bad

file: mmmmm 

luna luna cake

file: Not Die – Purdue

before I die not die

file: PSL. I would try this but the prospect is too scary. 

pumpkin spice latte

file: stop thinking 

stop thinking

file: me – sept 13

Me September 2013

Saved because I think Kirsty MacColl is a sexy singer and: Electric Landlady!

kirsty mccall electric ladyland

file: kinfolk – self parody? 

kinfolk - self parody basket weaving

file: all the joy

all the joy

From Hyperbole & a Half 

Hyperbole & a Half depression comic

file: 666 following!!!

666 Following

file: internet outrage cycle-one tweet

Internet Outrage Cycle in One Tweet Hugo Schwyzer/300 Sandwiches

file: fly honeys. I wrote about my friend’s awesome Chicago burlesque troop for Bustle (also: drugs).

The Fly Honeys on Bustle Lifestyle Page 2013-09-17

file: social justice signaling

liberal social signaling

file: social signaling 2

social signaling pt 2

file: aarp – bennies? 

Gen X AARP Bennies?

Elizabeth is a writer, editor and digital hoarder. Find her on Twitter @enbrown.


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