NY COMIC CON: Day 3 Comic Con: Lines, Panels, and Anime


Though we weren’t able to stay the whole day, we did get to see some amazing panels. First off, the cast of Myth Busters walk by us while we were waiting for the Geek Geek Revolution panel—a group of authors and nerd enthusiasts that are asked geek questions by the audience. The winners gets a Millennium Falcon bottle opener and the loser gets a much-too-small Jar Jar Binks mask. The panelist were asked a range of questions about Doctor Who, Game of Thrones trivia, and tons of Star Wars random knowledge.



Saturday is just wall-to-wall people, and trying to see all the panels you want is nearly impossible since people stand (err..sit) on the line an hour or two beforehand. We did, however, get a chance to see the “All Things YA” panel with a bunch of authors from the major young adult publishing houses. Ksenia Winnicki (Mackids), Lauren Flower (Harper Teen), Casey Lloyd (Random House), Emily Meehan (Disney Hyperion), Namrata Tripathi (Simon and Schuster), Alvina Ling (Little Brown Books),
Mia Garcia (Penguin) all spoke on behalf of the young adult genre—and even addressed issues regarding gender, race, and class in a fairly white-cisgender genre.

Eventually we had to stop attempting to get into panels since everything was full, and we still hadn’t hit the merch sections. Comic Con lessons we have learned so far: bring your own food, bring water, pick two panels you want to see and be there earlier, watch out for costumes that take up a five-foot radius of the actual person, and get ready sit in a line.

We eventually made our way to Animal Planet’s documentary screening of “Finding Bigfoot,” where the filmmakers complied actual scientific evidence to suggest the existence of the highly-thought of mythical (or sci-fi) creature……..HOWEVER, we ended up in the wrong line and watched a 2 hour anime film called “Berserk.” I never watched anime before…and now I realize why every teenage anime fan I’ve met is hopped up on all the emotions. It’s started out cool—there was a female army commander that was super hot and incredibly brave. Then she has sex with another guy and try to find their other commander, and then he sells them all out to become a demon…and then hate fucks her in front of another guy……It was the whole spectrum of emotions. But it did spark a little interest in watching more anime!

Tomorrow is the last day of The Con. It went by so quickly! Until tomorrow!

Photos courtesy of Dana Martens and Laura Delarato

Laura Delarato is a web producer, writer, social media consultant, video creator, and the brain behind Pass The Cake, Please fashion blog. She has spent a lot of the past 10-years of her life in internships, college, part-time jobs, graduate school, and in front of a computer typing away her next brilliant idea. Her work has appeared in Playgirl Magazine, Kong Magazine, London Glossy Magazine—and at one time CosmoGirl! Magazine. Laura spends a lot of her time typing code to make the internet work, performing improv at The Magnet Theater in NYC, and performing burlesque on every dingy bar stage she can find. Laura likes to be a total badass by participating in body-positive/fat-acceptance activism, crafting pasties, discussing the beauty of pornography, and wearing all the short skirts. Follow her at @lauradelarato

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