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Stitch The Witch: Why You Should Make Your Own Costume (& Look At Mine!)

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 11.48.14 AM

What the hell is this supposed to be?

Halloween.  One of my favorite holidays. Unfortunately, it has also been referred to as one of the “sluttiest.”

I can’t say I never partook in the sexed up side of the holiday.  Who doesn’t like to tart it up once in a while? I also haven’t worn a non-costume.  This is what angers me about the pre-packaged drivel that gets pumped out every year and sold at the pop-up shops nationwide.

While I despise the stores’ bulk merchandise, I rummage through their over-stocked shelves every year, scavenging for parts for my own costumes.  And every year I find myself playing Costume, Not a Costume.

How do you play?  Oh–it’s not that hard.  It’s most fun to play with whatever the crop of “new” costumes are. You just go through and see what the actual costumes are, versus the oh-so-unique short skirt/short dress ensemble.

Here are a few popular women’s costumes from PartyCity and Spirit Halloween:


Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 11.53.20 AM

Luna Luna’s editor thinks this is definitely kind of cute, but offensively stupid. Shh.

I’ll give the store-bought costume industry credit. Some of these are actual costumes, but when did stilettos become required for every costume?

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.13.15 PMAnd don’t get me started on all the things wrong with the Friday the 13th costume. Just, ugh.

Why are they all so formulaic?

Making your own costume isn’t necessarily a money saver, unless you’re like me and you’ve considered renting serious stage get ups and hoop skirts.

However, making your own costume is a lot of fun. You get to be creative, having the chance to make a costume that, even if done by another person with a similar concept, will be totally original and different in it’s own way.

Here’s a few costumes I’ve done over the past few years:

Getting my demon on

Getting my demon on.

The Green Fairy, judging your costumes

The Green Fairy’s “judgey” face.

Old Prom dress, tights, and wings

An old prom dress, tights, wings, and loads of green eye liner and shadow.

I know some of my costumes were sold in stores.  Hell, some have their trade-marked counter parts from Disney and AMC now–but making it on my own, scavenging for parts, rummaging through my old things. makeup and spending time on it made all of these my very own.

Tea Time

The tea pot was filled with candy and condoms.

The transformation process for the night was sometimes over an hour and sometimes only 10 minutes (the zombie one, surprisingly enough).

My "lazy" costume.

My “lazy” costume.

There is nothing wrong with having a sexy Halloween costume, but at least make it original.  Buy some sequined tap pants and funky striped tights, rough up your cheeks, put on your heels and make it your own.

Jax is a digital video and documentary producer living in the heartland. You can follow her highjinks @Jtoddles

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