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Your Last-Minute (Non-Sucky) Halloween Costume

Dressed as the real me: Elka (photo credit: Zenith Richards on Time Out New York)

Dressed as the real me: Elka
photo credit: Zenith Richards for Time Out New York

Halloween is the day I’m allowed to dress the way I wish I could the other 364 days of the year — like a forest witch who lives in a damask lean-to and hangs chandeliers of bones from the trees. What can I say, everyday clothes just don’t do it for me. Since I view Halloween as an opportunity to be myself and don’t like the fun of the holiday being taken away by the stress of what to be, I invested in one outfit I could wear happily every year. It cost a lot to assemble and took many hours of searching for different pieces, but has been so worth it.

But if you haven’t finished your elaborate, alter-ego outfit by this point your best bet for a spirited costume is to stop worrying about being recognizable as someone, and just get into the Halloween spirit (it’s much more fun that way anyhow). Here’s a gallery of easy DIYs, pre-mades, and ideas: killer masks and costumes made from supplies you already have or are cheap and easy to find. It’s totally doable, especially if you include a friend who’s also costume-less. (All DIY links below.)

Remember: You don’t have to perfectly replicate an outfit for it to be great. Shoot for the same feeling an image gives you, and you’ll be good to go.

P.S. modern DIY children’s costumes are also an inexpensive and creative way to go, and going as a painting is always rad.

Venetian Bird Mask // Deer Makeup // Butterflies // Wrestling Masks // Black French Masks // Colorful Fox // Silent Movie // UO Nature Masks // UO Kigurumi Onesies // Snail // Deer Mask // Skeleton Girl // Mark Ryden Dollies

Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein is the founding editor of SOUND: a weekly literary magazine on contemporary musico-poetics, and an associate editor for Rattapallax. She received her MFA in poetry from The New School, and her BS in classical vocal performance and literature from Mannes. Her chapbook, Quiet, was selected by Matthea Harvey as The New School’s 2012 Chapbook Contest winner for poetry. She is currently writing the libretto for Jonathan Dawe’s operatic re-telling of Tamburlaine. @Elkawildling


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