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The Allure of the Scream Queen [Photos]

Kelly Rae LeGault in Toxiphobia

Kelly Rae LeGault in Toxiphobia

Edited by Jill Di Donato
With Kelly Rae LeGault

Sexy, beautiful, ill-fated. What would our favorite horror movies be like without her? No longer associated with the stigma of a B-list wannabe, the scream queen is a title reserved for a select few. She excites, entrances, elicits pity and fear. The scream queen is as quintessential to horror as the devilish monsters who terrorize and kill. What is it about her that’s so captivating?

Indie horror actress, Kelly Rae LeGault, star of the streaming horror series, In Fear Of, and The Gilgo Beach Murders (coming to New York theatres November 2013) tells us what it takes to be a scream queen and explains what goes into her guttural performance:

“We are all only too happy to get ugly and weird for the delight of the audience. Being a scream queen comes with a unique set of challenges. You have to be willing to cover yourself in blood, fight against terrors  (real or imagined), unleash something primal you normally wouldn’t, and of course, scream at the top of your lungs.”

Since most horror is based in the supernatural (or at the very least, unlikely) it’s the scream queen’s responsibility to push the pedal to the floor and take the audience for a ride without holding back.  She is an iconic part of film’s history and isn’t going away anytime soon.  An actress in this genre gets to run the gamut of emotion from drama to camp and back again.”

Classic Scream Queens – B-List; I don’t Think So

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