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Top 10 Issues That Come With Outgrowing Your Goth Kid Status

It’s for the best that we outgrow adolescence and transition into adulthood. It’s healthy. However, if you were a goth kid like me, transitioning into adult life comes with a few extra challenges. Here are the top 10 issues that come with outgrowing your Goth Kid status:


Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

1. Matching colors is really difficult.

Did you know that the term “recovering goth” is a thing in the fashion world? They know we have a problem. Matching colors just isn’t a talent the Goth Kid ever acquired. Also, any time I leave the house without wearing at least one article of black clothing I feel way too weird and incomplete. Vulnerable, even. I know I’m not alone with this one.

2. You can outgrow the trench coat, but you can never outgrow the introversion.
Every Goth Kid I’ve ever met has a problem with socialization. It’s overwhelming. It’s anxiety-inducing. We embraced the goth lifestyle not really only for the interesting fashion but for the comforting social factor, as well. We’re introverts. Shy kids. As adults, people whom have outgrown their goth kid status, we are still introverts. Our alone time is sacred and absolutely necessary.

3. An appreciation for lo-fi post-punk that most friends I acquired in adulthood just don’t share.

I’ll be honest, the more thought I put into this one the more I start to reevaluate my current friend group.


4. Big Hair For Life.
My friends tell me I wear the messy, unkempt ‘do well. Damn right I do. From Siouxsie Sioux to Edward Scissor Hands… There is a very specific set of people that will subconsciously always be my hair inspirations.

5. Never being able to unlearn the time warp.

I will always know all the words to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It will never not be a part of me. Those Rocky Horror themed parties from my adolescent days will always have a special place in my heart.

Winona Ryder in Tim Burton's Beetlejuice

Winona Ryder in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice

6. Tim Burton loyalty.
Yes, I liked the remake of Dark Shadows. Yes, I primarily liked it because of my undying loyalty to Tim Burton. This is a part of me that I’ve long since accepted. At this point in time I should be utterly, completely, wholly burnt out on the Nightmare Before Christmas. But I’m not… Somehow.

7. Finding everyday wear items in a costume shop.

Hey, I never purchased anything! It was a sore realization: I’m in a costume shop. This is a costume. I’m an adult. Adults can’t look like a modern day Bride of Frankenstein.

8. Ghoulish things are adorable.

From bats to my friend’s black and grey mutt that looks kind of like a zombie creature: traditionally creepy little guys are the cutest. Most of the people around me think I’m weird for cooing over these lil monsters.

from The Brain That Wouldn't Die!

from The Brain That Wouldn’t Die!

9. Movie night dilemma.
Always being outvoted for which movies to watch. This is a taste thing that crosses over into other areas, but for the purpose of this list we’ll stick to films. B-movies, bad horror films. They’re campy and absurd–what’s not to enjoy?

10. An odd sense of relief that Halloween has passed.
You either feel me on this one or you don’t. I love that everyone embraces their inner spooky side and all aspects surrounding October 31st festivities. But they lay it on real thick, and it’s only a matter of time before I feel my adolescent self being mocked. Til next year, everyone. We’ve had our fill for now.


Renée Aubern is a California born, New York bred poet, writer of songs, and kook. Constantly on the move, she documents the world around her in photographs and notebook scribbles. @reneeaubern


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Issues That Come With Outgrowing Your Goth Kid Status

  1. Oh, I so agree with all of these. Especially the love for ghoulish things…I also love bones. Any weird little bit of home decor.

  2. Oh my god. I cannot leave the house wearing too many colors! I feel like everyone is staring at me because I’m so garish! I am thirty damn years old. And I still don’t understand “too much black” as a concept. Thank you for showing me I’m not alone!

  3. Preach it, sister! Although we need to talk about the Dark Shadows thing. I’m well into watching the series from the beginning, and I can say with full confidence it’s an untouchable classic. Now slick on some black eyeliner and let’s go hang out at the coffee shop!

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