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Kickstarter Projects We Love That Actually Deserve Your $$$$

Butter & Scotch's lovely flash. Yes, please.

Butter & Scotch’s lovely flash. Yes, please.

BUTTER & SCOTCH – 20 Hours Left!
I’m digging this project, not only because I love getting good and drunk and then pigging out on sweets, but because its conception is smart, sleek and thoughtful. The two women who are building this dream sugar castle sound super on-point and passionate. While we all love Kickstarter rewards (though sometimes I feel guilty accepting them), theirs are pretty sweet: there is a flask. A flask. Brilliant.

From the Butter & Scotch Kickstarter: “Butter & Scotch is the partnership of Keavy Blueher of Kumquat Cupcakery (aka Butter) and Allison Kave of First Prize Pies (definitely Scotch). Soon-to-be (with the help of Kickstarter!) Brooklyn’s first dessert & craft cocktail bar. (You can check out gorgeous photos of our desserts & general antics on our Instagram page).” Check it out.  Only 20 hours left! 


NIRBHAYA – 14 Days Left
This project, while important on a global scale, is super relevant right now — the project aims to bring the theatre-production to India, where sexual violence is reaching ridiculous and disgusting heights. According to CNN, “Official data in India show that rape cases have jumped almost 875% over the past 40 years — from 2,487 in 1971 to 24,206 in 2011. But campaigners say this is the tip of the iceberg.”

From the NIRBHAYA Kickstarter: “NIRBHAYA’S vision is to do nothing less than CHANGE THE WORLD by ending the silence on sexual violence and creating a fear-free society. NIRBHAYA is a theatre production written and directed by internationally acclaimed  writer/director Yael Farber, in collaboration with an extraordinary cast and creative team from India.” Check it out.


Animae Mag: beauty.

Animae Mag: beauty.

Hot damn, yes. This just absolutely fucking beautiful, strange and perfect. I love it. I want it. And you should check it out. I so hope the

From the Animae Kickstarter: Animæ magazine was created by designer Matt Ryalls and photographer Lena Modigh out of a shared love of fashion editorial and graphic design. We wanted to create content focused on storytelling through images and the written word, looking at youth, sexuality and gender, something that was honest and provocative…..The upcoming issue’s theme is ‘Happy Valley’. It picks up where the first left off and questions how woman view their own sexuality and bodies through portraits, fashion editorial style photography, stories and illustrations, including as many female artists as possible. ” Check it out. 


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