Five U.S. Exhibits Worth Jumping a Plane to See

She Who Tells a Story Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Image: Museum of Fine Arts Boston

I’m feeling wanderlust this week and need to cure myself of D.C. doldrums. Because I can’t physically leave this city, I did a little art exploration via the web. The result? I’m even more anxious to get out of the capital after browsing through some of the gorgeous exhibitions and installations on view throughout the country.

Here’s five inspiring, thought-provoking shows from Philly to LA helmed by powerful female forces in the art world.

Boston: The Museum of Fine Arts

She Who Tells a Story MFA

Image: Museum of Fine Arts Boston

This show is nothing short of ground-breaking. MFA in Boston has convened 12 leading female photographers from Iran and the Middle East for “She Who Tells a Story,” a stunning series of provocative shots that examine the region through the eyes of women.

Chicago: Art Institute of Chicago

Artmisia Gentileschi Art Institute of Chicago

Image: Art Institute of Chicago

Artmisia Gentileschi’s “Judith Slaying Holofernes” is terrifying and brutal, and often is interpreted as a depiction of revenge for rape. Artemisia was a 17th-century Baroque painter, renowned for her ahead-of-its-time work. She’d paint disturbing biblical scenes, like the one depicted above, churning out stunningly realistic, impassioned pieces.

Los Angeles: Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Agnes Varda in Californialand

Image: LACMA

French-born artist Agnes Varda is known for pioneering New Wave aesthetics and bringing them into narrative documentary films rooted in realism, social commentary and feminism. LACMA’s got a selection of her work for “Agnes Varda in Californialand.”

Rhode Island: Newport Art Museum

Carol Miller Shoes Newport Museum

Image: Newport Museum

You guys, Carol Miller paints about shoes. I’m hitchhiking to Rhode Island right now. She’s a finance-major-turned-garment-designer who started painting about five years ago. She gives shoes the attention they deserve by examining the intersection between function and artistry in tightly cropped  images that focus on the footwear.

Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art

Candy Coated Philadelphia Museum of Art

Image: Philadelphia Museum of Art

Candy Coated, a multimedia artist in Philly, has created a magical little universe in “CandyCoated Wonderland.” She’s silk-screened and designed  children’s dress costumes, drawing on everything from Little Bo Peep to soldier uniforms. The result is an entire room filled with mannequins and still-life arrangements decked out in her outfits, patterned wallpaper and paintings.


209010_955908859017_721530042_nJulyssa Lopez is a writer who lives in D.C. Her first loves are long books and even longer pieces of writing, but she also can’t resist dreamy ambient music, tiny art galleries, or ice cold lemonade. She comes from a loud Nicaraguan family and constantly has that dream where your teeth fall out.


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