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DEMON COFFIN: Creepy & Hilarious Luna Luna Search Terms

Okay, this is going to make you uncomfortable, but such is the way of the internet, isn’t it? Someone somewhere just has to be searching for “pig and women sex.” Yikes.

Luna Luna Magazine

My OMG, ew/I can’t stop laughing face.

The top search terms that bring readers to Luna Luna (besides “Luna Luna” or “Luna Luna Magazine”) in sex: 

pornyou (probably thanks to Lynsey)
dirty sex ladiy (LOL)
feeling porn

Moving on, we also receive readers via non-sex search terms. Yay! Here are the top-searched sex terms: 

stop+boyfriend (Alecia’s awesomely popular article)
Mercury retrograde 2013 (proud to be a search result here, Joanna)
British boy sex
American Girls & British Boys
skinny girls eating cheeseburgers
The Lover (our resident book club winner)
nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
stop saying i have a boyfriend
i want a british boy (don’t we all?)
creepiest video that will ruin your day
what should i say if someone says stop saying sorry (thanks, Leah!)
demon coffin (LUNA LUNA has succeeded!)
teens that think the occult is cool (we do)
“father squeezed” (what?)

and, of course, this, which was somehow searched for 3x:
narcissism personality inventory does not measure narcissism twenge

The following search terms blend the hilarious, absurd and kind of sad: 

my boyfriend wants to finger me
smart fuck girl long nail (this is kinky)
erotic bullyng
he persists even though ive clearly rejected him
men dont notice me on the subway (they sometimes notice us too much)
how to get into a slut mindframe (LOL)
i want to british call girl mobile number
how to do the hard fucking thing (yeah, how DO you do that thing? LOL)
dangerous fucking boy to boy
i’m sorry, i thought you have another woman (Um)
sex pentence
wanker british lads
mephisto absinthe hallucinations
my secret….i fucked so hard (pleasant secret)
why man dont kiss the female vagina while pregnant during intercourse

.…and just in case you weren’t totally weirded out: 

pig women sex (just, no.)
can you fuck in adult store
things that look like boobs
my grama kept her hair (so did mine, in a box. Really. )
can i have sex with a male and still call myself straight (you can do whatever you want to do)
And then there are the literary searches, which we love:

my summer of love
read creepy love poems
rebellious female poets (hell yes!)
poet natalie raymond
read creepy love poems
poem about triangle shirtwaist fire
demon poems
luna luna poetry magazine
duras the lover
creepy sex short poems (obviously LUNA LUNA has developed a niche)
very young hot sex teen poem girls
horror poems online
nail polish sexual (um)

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