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We don't actually believe "Money is the anthem" as Lana Del Rey says, but it sure helps. :-)

We don’t actually believe “Money is the anthem” as Lana Del Rey says, but it sure helps. :-)

Dear reader,

We’re here because we’re fundraising over at KICKSTARTER!

Thank you so, so much for simply being here, for reading about dancers and poets and bodies and feminism and gypsy healers and boyfriends and sexuality and love and the occult with us.

Thank you for sharing, tweeting, discussing, arguing and mentioning who we are, and what we do. We do this for you–because we know there are SO many brilliant, brave and unique women out there who want everything: flowers in their hair, awesome literature, creepy music and loads & loads of debate. YOU inspire us.

DONATE1We’re raising money to make all of this even more possible and more professional. Our goal is to grow, reach out to more amazing readers and hopefully-in time-pay our staff. But! We need a better website, promotional goods and a big ol’ party here in NYC to start the ball rolling.

Literally any donation can help. Please consider supporting LUNA LUNA--and our unwavering support for women, the arts and culture. And please, spread the word.

Lisa Marie and the Staff


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