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NaNoWriMo Day 19: On Killing Your Darlings

Writer’s Note: Due to a trip out to LA and Vegas this post was delayed.  I’ll be back to writing on Friday’s this Friday.

I’m still behind but this new story has kept my interest and it’s been a great excuse to reread Hamlet.  Yes, I’m still doing a reinterpretation of familial betrayal and murder.  Its been really fun, especially working within the context of having a female lead, though that hasn’t really changed much from my normal style.  I’ve yet to hit the meaty parts, and still debating on what to do about Ophelia.  But I do know for sure that I will kill my lead, which will be intriguing since I’m writing the story all in 1st person POV.

Now on to the actual meaning of the title phrase: What to do about your darlings.  Those phrases of poetic verse to describe even the most minute detail, the masturbatory descriptions, the points where you might “accidentally” Mary Sue yourself into the story and get off on every word that skitters onto the screen as you type, or scribbles on to the page if you’re one for using a pen and paper.  (Personally I like something that can keep word count for me.)

But NaNoWriMo is not the time to kill your darlings, now is the time to produce them and allow them to live out and enjoy there temporary existence on the page.  Relish in every word and let them all out because the exercise is not to produce a first draft for your publishers or a first draft to shop around.  No, NaNo is about just being creative, getting the words out on paper and finding the story, or even just a practice on finding and developing your voice, story be damned.

So let your darlings breath a little.  Hit the word limit, surpass it, or merely graze it.  Let your darlings breath… because the 1st edit is going to be a blood bath.

Word Count: 6,125

Photo Credit: via Alfred Eriss/Pix Inc./Time Life Pictures/Getty Images 

Jax is a digital video and documentary producer living in the heartland. You can follow her highjinks @Jtoddles


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 19: On Killing Your Darlings

  1. I may change my mind with this one, but that’s the plan thus far.

    UPDATE: word count now 7,763! still behind but I’m making a big word count push tonight.

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