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Manicure Mood Boards

I love a good mood board. Mood board, collage, whatever you may like to call it—a visual representation of you. I remember spending hours sitting on my bedroom floor, cutting and pasting from my favorite magazines (RIP YM, I miss you so) and making actual collages. I would put them on my walls, cover my binders, it didn’t matter if it made sense to someone else or not—it was something I could create myself, for myself.

Fast forward to a world with Polyvore, my teen self is still kind of freaking out. “Manicure Mood Boards” are where I create visuals solely inspired by a nail polish color and see how it evolves from there. Here are a few I have created with alternative styles even for the alternative girl. Feel free to check them out, follow my new journey through Polyvore and discover a world where color inspires.

Anna Sui x Minnie Mouse Nail Color, Passion Red

This bright red glitter + Minnie Mouse topper had me imagining the beloved Minnie but with a Luna Luna twist. It made me think of simple silhouettes but with an edge. I can imagine this polish on someone getting ready for a night out or on a girl who will curtsey when she meets you but talk to you with a sailor mouth. Red can be soft and glamorous, or bright and bold with a punch. It all depends on who you want to be that day.

Illamasqua Nail Varnish, Dedicate
This Illamasqua polish is a rich, deep vampy purple. This shade made me think of a soft, purple velvet lining on the inside of a coffin. It reminded of  Wednesday Addams if she decided to go out around New York and stop by Trash and Vaudeville. I love a dark polish with an equally dark lipstick. And I mean, those Jeffrey Campbell oxfords with little plastic baby doll heels (yes, babies!) have creepy all over it.
Essie, Sparkle on Top
Holographics are everywhere. When I see the rainbow shine of a holographic polish, I immediately think of Sea Punk and someone wearing everything shiny and weird. The iridescent glitter always catches my eye and I usually see more green and blue tones, hence the green and blue hair dye. I image objects as eye-catching and attention grabbing as the polish itself. This Essie holographic glitter is perfect for a glitter-eyed, confident gal.
Formula X for Sephora, Radioactive

Formula X for Sephora recently launched a plethora of shades, but this Radioactive green caught my eye. I love a bright, kelly like green. It straddles the line between neon and a jewel tone, and I’m pretty in love with it. I imaged it being worn by someone who enjoys a simple asthetic but still loves to show their individuality. The green reminded me when being in art class, seeing yellows, reds and learning about primary and secondary colors. This nail polish shade made me think of a girl with her nose in a book, swiftly turning each page with a swipe of her finger, with her nails donning this amazing color.

We love sharing items we admire with you guys. Check out Laura Delarato’s expressions post using polyvore here!

Kim Bui is a freelance artist & designer from Norfolk, Va. She is a recent graduate of Pace University trying her hand at a little bit of everything; illustration, art direction & nail art. She has a passion for print design and finding the perfect pen. @Sincerelykimbui


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