5 DIY Pretty Awesome Blogs

I wish I could say I loved makeup since I was born. I mean, I did experiment with LimitedToo dollar lip gloss and eye shadow, but those horror stories are for a confessional platform.

I stumbled upon curiosity glossy things while interning for Fitness Magazine in 2008. I constantly volunteered to slather color palettes of eye shadow, nail polish and self-tanner all over my arms and face without question. I fell hard for the metallic and sandalwood scents. Then I realized how expensive all the shit was. One day I was given a tub of lipstick partially made from gold – no lie. My struggling, broke self could not afford CoverGirl; I was, and still am, a proud Wet n’ Wild lover.

A few years later I was given the opportunity to brainstorm and create DIY beauty content for a great blog, (now a part of Ladies Home Journal). After that, I started combining mayo with shampoo, beeswax with oils, sending wishes up to the beauty gods and started mixing. DIY Beauty makes me giggly and feel all sorts of things, especially when goopy ingredients are slipping through my fingers.

These five blogs are a few I love to peruse to see what they are cooking up and if I can follow in their footsteps with my own jig:


Wellness Mama cute, fluffy, apple pie goodness right here with cheap DIY foaming hand soap ideas.


Gloss Daily: they may not have a huge DIY section anymore, but the staff gives great tips, actually responds to reader questions, and I trust their reviews.

bella sugar

BellaSugar: A part of PopGuar, Bella is their craft little cousin who’s layout makes it easy to find easy recipes to try during a girl’s night in.

lulus LuLu’s does more fashion DIY, but they throw in a good hair concept nowadays, and they are worth trying if you have the hair!


Pinterest: Did you think I lived under a rock?

Lovely readers. Do you have any favorite websites for beauty recipes? Let us know!


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