Vlog Blog: Bunny // grav3yardgirl


An Instagram of Bunny / grav3yardgirl.

Meet Bunny. For three years this Halloween-obsessed now 28-year-old from a small town outside of Houston, TX has been making vlogs about everything from thrift store hauls to a series called “Does This Thing Really Work?!” (investigating As Seen On TV products) to OOTDs and more.

She stands out in the girly vlog world because of her intelligence and willingness to show many sides of herself. She’s not trying to make you think she’s better or more beautiful than you the way makeup tutorials in magazines do, know what I mean? She’s part of a new branch of internet society that embraces the worth of a wholly human public image.

YouTube is overridden with vlogs that refuse to show what a woman actually looks like, but not Bunny’s channel. Sometimes she wears a full face of makeup and shows you all the dresses she bought at Forever21, sometimes absolutely no makeup and a top-knot and runs around Walmart buying fake nails, and always makes all sorts of crazy faces you wouldn’t dream of seeing on any other channel. In a lot of ways it’s the vlog equivalent of us here at Luna Luna – beautiful, human, smart, strong, and funny.

Of particular note are her clear and honest discussions of her struggles with anxiety and depression. These are wonderful vlogs in which she talks frankly about the specifics of growing up with these issues, how they’ve gotten better or worse, and what she does to cope with them as an adult. She’s the kind of friend both you and your teenage sister should have, plus she’s hilarious. I seriously love hanging out with her on the interwebbies (if you haven’t gotten into vlogs yet “hanging out” is really what it feels like).

SHE ALSO DID HER UNDERGRAD IN POETRY/LIT, which is faboo, obviously, Bunny please send me a clutch of poemas, thnx, and (fond of alligators) she calls her subscribers her “swamp family” (adorbs).

Below is her first vlog about anxiety and depression. It’s a truly amazing thing that videos like this are so accessible:


Also this vlog on beauty and body-shaming society:


Or if you’d prefer something lighter here’s a Does This Thing Really Work:

Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein is the founding editor of SOUND: a literary magazine on contemporary musico-poetics, and an associate editor for Rattapallax. She received her MFA in poetry from The New School, and her BS in classical vocal performance and literature from Mannes. Her chapbook, Quiet, was selected by Matthea Harvey as The New School’s 2012 Chapbook Contest winner for poetry. She is currently writing the libretto for Jonathan Dawe’s modern operatic re-telling of Tamburlaine. @Elkawildling


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