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Vaginal Knitting Is Pretty Boring, So Get Over It

Vaginal Knitting with Casey Jenkins.

Vaginal Knitting with Casey Jenkins.

Performance art is performance art.

It seldom is very good and typically feels a bit forced or inauthentic, like an undergraduate English major drawing a far-fetched parallel between Anais Nin and Miley Cyrus. I mean, it can be done, but we’re not going to take it seriously.

We will applaud your efforts and move on.

So–everyone on Facebook is going a little crazy over Vaginal Knitting. How could it be?! A woman is making tangible fabric items from inside her vagina? Gross. Dirty. Bloody. Weird. 

Um, yeah. That’s why it’s called a performance, which, in this case, get five points for patience and humility, but minus five points on lack of subtlety. The vagina creates things. It is part of a woman. And knitting is, after all, “women’s work.” But this performance moves beyond those subversive elements; Casey Jenkins is basically saying, “See? The vagina is actually something that exists beyond your hyper-sexualization.”

I would say 50 percent of the Facebook users on my personal feed have casually discussed the Vag knitting. “This is weird and cool,” they nonchalantly say, while the rest go with something less constructive, like “I just can’t…” or “OMG WTF?” I know. Most of my digital friends are intelligent, you see.

The vagina is a beautiful, powerful thing-deconstructing it as simply part and parcel of our bodies deserves recognition.This is a good thing. This destroys the mythology of the vagina as something secretive and dirty, something to be punished, used or abused.

I mean, yeah, knitting is a bit boring. It’s probably a little painful and dry, too, but artists tend to suffer for their craft. But out of this world? I swear, it’s going to be alright.

If this makes you ask anything, it shouldn’t be “EW, why is that woman doing that?!” it should be, “Why am I so repulsed?” The body is a body is a body. You don’t need to judge it nor do you have the right to reduce an artist’s vision based on your grade-school creepy crawlies. Come on now.

2 thoughts on “Vaginal Knitting Is Pretty Boring, So Get Over It

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