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[HOLIDAY] A Gift Guide For The Conscientious Pervert


This might sound a little weird, but think about it: this holiday season you should really spend some money on the sex industry. Personally, I think it’s important to put your money where your junk is when it comes to porn and sex. In a landscape where it’s so easy to go online and stream free porn, or purchase toys and other sexy products from almost anywhere, the holiday season is a good time to make sure that you’re spending your time and money wisely.

Many of us make donations to charities in the names of friends and family as holiday gifts, and even more buy products that support causes we agree with. But one cause that often gets overlooked in the family-friendly season is good sex. But why? Is it really so weird to give a friend an account at your favorite online sex toy purveyor, or to give your S.O. a membership to your favorite pay-for-porn site so you can watch quality smut together? Spreading the word about excellent, ethical, incredibly hot sex industry goods and content is super-important for those of us who want to support the best of sex. It promotes ethically-made products and porn, and helps those who care enough to make the good stuff keep on making it. These companies can’t exist without income.

So, if you’re feeling frisky this holiday season, here’s a list of companies, causes, and other assorted carnal fun to consider dropping some bucks on this year:

Sexy Stuff:

  • Any of the adorable merch available from Fleshbot is worth a look. I’m pretty sure you all know someone who needs a “Pure Filth” mug to sip coffee from, or a pair of undies that says “Welcome to the Jungle.”
  • A few of the delightful products offered at landmark LGBTQ-friendly toy store Good Vibrations will be appreciated by anyone you give them to.
  • Purchase from Fuze Silicone toys, the new, eco-friendly Canadian sex toy company that creates toys specifically for use with your favorite bullet vibe.

Raunchy Reading Material:

  • A subscription to queer feminist sex mag Salacious Magazine will open your eyes, or your friend’s, family member’s, or lover’s eyes, to the awesomeness out there in the world of queer, sex-positive art and writing.
  • Get thy sexmuffin a copy of Kimi Inch’s ebook, Kisses to Kink. It gives helpful tips and expert advice on turning vanilla into kinky spicy sexy fun, in case you want some spice sprinkled into your relationship.
  • Subscribe your friends and fuck-buddies to Whore! Magazine, “a quarterly print publication dedicated to celebrating the current and historical qualities of women who have defined a role for themselves outside the status quo.”
  • Shopping for a more a podcast/audiobook kind of person? Try downloading Sometimes She Lets Me…, a collection of hawt butch/femme erotica stories edited and read by ethical porn powerhouse Tristan Taormino. Prrrowr!


  • A subscription to any of Camille Crimson’s blowjob-centric sites can add some passion to a ho-hum hummer, and provide hours of sensual entertainment. Camille focuses on beautiful filming and intimacy in her work with her husband, and she will make you rethink the definition of the blowjob.
  • Get your honey a membership to The Crash Pad, Shine Louise Houston’s groundbreaking queer porn series that will leave misconceptions about queerness in the dust, and everybody’s underpants on the floor.
  • Or, for those with a penchant for penis, The Heavenly Spire offers a queer look at the glories of masculinity.
  • A membership (free!) or a rented ($5!) video from ought to bring a smile to the faces of  those who want some quality smut, but are bored or grossed out by most pornography. Cindy Gallop’s brainchild features curated videos made by actual, honest-to-goodness real world people having real world sex. The focus is on intimacy, passion, and “ohmygodyes.”

Worthwhile Causes:

  • Donate to The Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco in the name of a sex-positive friend or lover. The Center is “a library, gallery, archive & community space for preserving & sharing information & artifacts re: sexual identity, products, & ideas,” and runs largely on donor support.
  • Send a donation in your gift-receiver’s names to Planned Parenthood. Because why would you NOT want to do that?
  • Donate to one of love artist and sexecologist Annie Sprinkle’s ongoing, always entertaining, mind-opening, and totally sparkly projects.


Lynsey G is a writer, reviewer, interviewer, columnist and blogger writing for and about sex, feminism, and porn since 2007. Formerly a smut scribe for Fox, Juggs, and Tight magazines, she’s also written for xoJane, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Corset Magazine, TOSKA,, and WHACK! Magazine. She’s still on a high after winning a 2013 Feminist Porn Award for her short film, “Consent: Society,” and is now at work blogging at her own website and working on a few books of various types.


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