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A Powerful Message From Pantene

I thought this was awesome.  Shiny hair and a positive message to let your bad ass-self get down in the working world? Yes, please.

Pantene Phillipines posted an amazing commercial on their YouTube channel in early November. I’m disappointed I only discovered this now because I would have shared this with anyone willing to watch:

“70% of men think that women need to downplay their personality to be accepted. Pantene asks everyone to whip away the double standards that hold women back. Because when you stand strong, you shine,” (PantenePhillipines YouTube channel). Wow.

The hashtag Pantene is asking fans to circulate, #whipit, is so incredibly appropriate. We need to whip away stereotypes with such force that we are not politely wiping/patting clean our past assumptions, but we are striking out against our personalities being pushed into one specific box.

Ladies, don’t be your own worst enemy and allow yourself to be labeled “bossy” when you are delegating work to adhere to a timeline or “pushy” when you are standing up for what you believe in. We have to learn to be own own advocates until it is the new norm that women’s and men’s motivations are viewed equally in the workplace.

One thought on “A Powerful Message From Pantene

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