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Feminism’s Top 10 Internet Moments of 2013

This year there were a lot of moments to remember/ or better yet, we would much rather put in the past.  For all the top 10 lists coming out as we reflect on this year’s past, what were the moments that made us feminists get out in the social media world, take out our media megaphones, and burn our proverbial panties? What internet moments and causes did you rally behind, get loud, excited, upset about? There are so many… here are a few that come to mind, in no particular order:

1) Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance… for so many reasons!

For better or for worse – the Miley performance at the VMA’s made us (sooo many of us) feel something… whatever it was. “Slut-shame” and any derivative of the phrase,  became forever a part of our cultural lexicon. Other news apparently didn’t hold a candle to Miley’s massive shock & awe campaign of 2013.

Thankfully, it seems the Miley performance ended that pervy guy in the striped Beetlejuice costume’s career, what’s his name? Who cares… he was so 2013.

The post-VMA’s social world aptly responded in kind to the charade, making this Chatroulette video compilation pretty much the best thing the world could possibly know when it comes to Miley.

Please, do more of this in 2014.

Oh, and also, Big Freedia’s response to Miley gave Freedia the street cred & fame she didn’t need, but toooootally deserves.

Thank you, internet.

2) THESE response videos to Blurred Lines were simply… amazing.

3) Twitter is quite literally mansplained into adding a woman to the Board of Directors.

Marjorie Scardino, Twitter Board Member

First female member of the Twitter Board, Marjorie Scardino.

The internet seemed to sigh a big “whatever” when they finally did hire a woman. And, seeing she’s only Tweeted once,  the Board will likely excuse her input as “That woman clearly has no idea what we’re talking about.” *GROAN*

4) Wait a second… little girls can be big time engineers?!

YES, world. YES they can. Google reminded us that women engineers have been here for a long time (ahem: humble brag/ shout out to my mother who received one of the first Masters degrees in Computer Science and worked at AT&T Bell Labs), giving this Monday’s Google Doodle to honor Grace Hopper, who aptly named computer problems “bugs” and developed a new coding language. But wait, women engineers aren’t just history.

Legendary computer scientist, Grace Hopper, inventor or COBOL and FORTRAN languages.

Legendary computer scientist, Grace Hopper, inventor or COBOL and FORTRAN languages.

Women in STEM careers only represent a small percentage of the workforce. Something needed to be done.  The AWESOME ladies at GoldieBlox made a LONG-OVERDUE viral video about young girls with BIG ideas for making big things… to a Beastie Boys song nonetheless!

The world is going to be FINE…. Well, except for the latest news stating the Beastie Boys and GoldieBlox are now in a legal suit over the  copyrights. We get it, you don’t want your music used in advertising, but can’t you make an exception Ad Rock, spouse of Kathleen Hannah, pioneer rocker for grrrls everywhere?! Blargh.

The fact of the matter, as this cool video demonstrated, is that still only 11% of women are engineers. Why is that? Maybe, it’s like, totally because we impose gender-normative stereotypes on our children, which we likely were socialized to believe is something natural and innately unique about us, like color associating blue with boys and pink with girls. In turn, little boys and girls who are surrounded by their gender-assigned color will be attracted to the blue and pink sections of a toy store, respectively, which in turn sells girls and boys toys that encourages them into gendered professions? Hmm…. 


The silver lining is that Toys R’ Us is planning to remove gender-based marketing in some of its stores…. to be continued!

5) This video came out about girls who poop… or do we? 

 I think it has something to do with a bathroom spray… but all I know is WHOEVER WROTE THIS needs a promotion and PLEASE get me this for the holidays.

But whoTF cares — you mean to tell me GIRLS POOP?! [SPOILER ALERT] Yes, we have many “creamy behemoths” and “tenacious skidmarks” we “tuck away” into their “porcelain prisons”.

6) Orange Is the New Black (OINTB) happened. Netflix forever changed our lives for the better.

However,  some people didn’t get the message that dressing up for Halloween in black face as Crazy Eyes is NOT OK. *facepalms* abound.

Julianne Hough-dumb-was-that!

Julianne Hough-dumb-was-that!

7) Danaerus Targaryn is taking names!
At the end of Season 3, we see how our favorite Queen bee is building an army with her soon to be teenaged dragons. ROCK!

8) Pussy Riot went to jail. One member went on hunger strike & disappeared. They are back, still in jail, and may be released under amnesty.  #FREEPUSSYRIOT

Also, watch every minute of this 1.5 hr documentary.

9) Rush Limbaugh encourages right wing men to never get laid again by telling women “Will you please ask your breasts to stop staring at my eyes?”  THANK YOU FOR DOING US ANOTHER FAVOR, IDIOT!

But seriously, if you really want to say something – sign this petition that reminds Mr. Idiot that sexual harassment is no joke.

10) “Lean In” is the new office jargon we don’t really understand and love to eyeroll.


That book called “Lean In” came out – the majority of us probably didn’t read it.  We may have added it to our bookshelves to look good, but it is now a term I’ve heard casually used to tell women to do a better job & act more perfect. Something to the effect of,  “you know,  you just gotta ‘lean in'”  *GRUMBLE*

Honorable Mention:

Anthony Weiner renames his weewee “Carlos Danger”refuses to pull out with hopes to impregnate all of NYC. 


Women around the world cringe at the thought of anyone getting off on referring to their schlong as “Carlos…” eww… I just can’t.


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