Wishlist for the Artsy Weirdo For Under $20

Gift guides probably top my list of holiday pet peeves. Not to sound like Scrooge, but very time I flip through “for her!” recommendations, I do more cringing than craving. No, I don’t want a $350 scarf that looks like someone skinned Cookie Monster or a glossy cookbook (ick, you would, Esquire).

So, for any oddballs who feel like me, I’ve compiled a list for the lady who likes the little things — and the artsy things. The best part? Everything is under $20, so you can spread the gift of giving to your equally strangely beautiful friends, or scoop up some holiday cheer for yourself.

1. What’s better than Frida? Wearing Frida on your feet during long, cold winter months. These socks are basically the meaning of life.

$9, The Sock Drawer


Image: The Sock Drawer

2. A ring with the power of vodoo. Who do? You do. But seriously, you get to wear Aladdin Sane on your finger.

$18, Nylon Mag Shop


Image: Nylon Shop

3. LOOK, a Joan Miro eyeglass case. The better to see you with, my dear.

$16.95, NGA Store

joan miro glasses

Image: NGA

4. For the nerdy gal who dreamed of being as stylish as Daisy Buchanan (but hopefully less of a horrible person), an East Egg bag with a West Egg price. The Francis Cugat image is one of the most noteworthy piece of cover art in lit history.

$14, Modcloth

Gatsby Bag

Image: ModCloth

5. Do you love baking? Yeah, me neither. At least with these guys, you can entertain yourself from the boredom that is mixing shit into a bowl by making cookies that literally kick ass.

$12, The Onion Store


The Onion Store

6. A collection of little Tim Burton characters that are just as strange and adorable as you are.

$18, MOMA Shop


Image: MOMA

7. A rad, chalky design from a Threadless genius.

$15, Threadless


Image: Threadless

8. A mouthwatering combo of pop art and cell phone protection with a side of bacon and fries.

$19.96, ASOS

ASOS Burger Phone

Image: ASOS

9. I’m in love with the world…through the eyes of this Etsy shop. The owner made these Elliott Smith homage earrings using the mildly horrifying but beautiful jumpers from his self-titled ’95 album.

$14, Etsy Figure 8 Knits

Elliott Smith Earrings

Image: Figure 8 Knits

10. This mini wall print basically summarizes every single one of my Monday mornings, ever. And it’s adorable. I need it hanging over my bed right now.

$18, Society6

Nope. Wall Art.

Image: Society 6


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