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Generation Y Feminism

ImageDark-haired, fair-skinned, clad in black dresses, two young and beautiful women pose on the home page here.

Promising to reclaim the word “feminist” for Generation Y, their four-point manifesto includes analytical and precise phrases like “feminism is…all things inclusive, celebratory and desirable, “entire leadership conversation,” and my personal favorite, “inherently female attributes.”

Mmmmm. Generation Y feminism sounds like a declawed, vanilla-cone-licking essentialist who would rather play pretty pacifist than grapple with the fire and fury that feminism demands.

Feminism is NOT always “inclusive,” “celebratory,” or “desirable” – feminism is often brutal and hard and really fucking angry. Sure, taking the bite out of the word “feminist” may make it more palatable for some people, but it’s a bitter rebranding to swallow for those of us who like our feminism with some fang.

How do you lay claim to the word “feminist”?

3 thoughts on “Generation Y Feminism

  1. anyone who genuinely makes the argument for “inherently female attributes” have already lost my vote, although i’m with them on this point:

    “Feminist issues do not just belong to women, they belong to people as a collective and men are an integral part of this community.”

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