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An Alternative Gift Guide For The Nail Art Addict

If you’re like me and are very into a particular hobby or area of interest, you’ve probably become a victim of “I saw (insert random object here) and immediately thought of you!” from family or friends, only to have it be something you actually aren’t really into (but it’s the thought that counts, right? Thanks for the princess nail kit, Mom. Yes, it is very little and cute…) But seriously, I found that besides nail polish and nail art, I became interested, aka obsessed, with anything hand or nail related. It’s intriguing, it’s a little odd, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

So here are some rad items I stumbled upon that are great for the nail artist or nail art lover in your life. Who doesn’t love little dainty hands as collar clips or jewelry as nail care? Exactly.


Biting Nails Print, image via

Biting Nails Print by Valfre
Artist Ilse Valfre has been illustrating girls and their “f*** you” attitudes for some time now, and it’s amazing. Her style is a mix between notebook type sketches with the added cute and spooky type items we love here at Luna Luna. This print by Valfre measures 18×24 and is pretty perfect for the creepy girl who loves biting or painting her nails.

Available at

Left: Nail Jerks x Cubannie Links Necklace, image via
Right: Give Her A Hand Pin, image via

Nail Jerks x Cubannie Links Collaboration Necklace
This nail file necklace is not only a simple statement piece but also a functional file as well. Yes, please! The swarovski stone element adds that little touch against the hardware of the charm. The file measuring at 4′ with a 18′ chain is sure to be eye catching and is a great conversation piece. “Oh, this? Why yes, it is a nail file,” as you hold it between your polished talons, bringing even more attention to your nails.

Available at

Give Her A Hand Pin by Rad Nails
Nail love shouldn’t be limited to just your nails. This metal pin featuring a sly hand with different colored nails will add that “nails did” flare to anything you decide to pin this on. Measuring 1 x .5, this will add just that lil’ bit of snap in Z formation attitude to any outfit.

Available at


Hand Collar Clips, image via Buried Diamond.

Hand Collar Clips by Buried Diamond
Collar Clips, need I say more? These adorable little manicure hands are made  of laser cut wood and sealed with a clear, glossy resin finish. They come in an array of bright colors and even nail colors. Not only is the hand design offered as collar clips but also a cute hair clip. These designs have shown to be very popular and indeed sell out quickly! Martha of Buried Diamond tries to restock her Etsy a few times a month, so be out the look out for when these will be back in stock, because they won’t last long!

Collar Clips by Buried Diamond.


Mandala Charm Necklace, image via Laura Buso

Mandala Charm Necklace, LAB by Laura Busony
This necklace designed by Laura Busony features a hand carved, brass finger and hangs from a 20′ inch gold fill chain. This finger charm makes me think of the Addams family in a way, like Wednesday wearing a severed finger around her neck. Eep! Handmade in Brooklyn, Busony gives this piece a peculiar but polished look.

Available at
Be sure to also check out our gift guide for the art lover in your life!


Kim Bui is a freelance artist & designer from Norfolk, Va. She is a recent graduate of Pace University trying her hand at a little bit of everything; illustration, art direction & nail art. She has a passion for print design and finding the perfect pen. @Sincerelykimbui


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