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Pretty Hurts: How To Get A Gorgeous Thigh Gap (& Also Beyonce)

beyonceNow, we all know that lacking a thigh gap is a serious problem in this nation. For example, it may hinder your ability to stand, sit, or think.

It may be caused by being human, a woman or otherwise existing, but you MUST embrace it get rid of it, and quick.

unnamed (6)

Actually I really like my thighs. And you should like yours too.

My thighs touch–see–and oh, no, there is absolutely nothing sexy about it.

The thing is, there are thousands upon thousands of teenage girls and women talking about, obsessing about and measuring their thighs, dreading or starving away the day the meat might touch. There are thigh gap tumblr pages. I went to find one, and then realized I can’t link to that from here, no.

When Huffington Post Women posted the below video (a tutorial on getting rid of your thigh non-gap), many women felt segregated and offended because they did have thigh gaps.

This offense didn’t surprise me, because it’s a delicate subject and I don’t think people fully understand how or why messages of feminism are executed, because they aren’t aware of either the deep-seated social pathology of sexism or their own fears and pain.

This is natural. In college I had some real reservation in using the term “feminist” because I didn’t understand everyday sexism, and I wasn’t informed enough to see that the reasons I pressured myself to look certain ways were based on long-standing constructions.

The fact is, sometimes you need to learn some shit. And sometimes, you need to drop some knowledge. We’re not born ready to tackle ignorance.

Some women said, on the Facebook thread, why HuffPo Women had to shame girls with thigh gaps just to make a point. One woman said she’d “unfollow” the page.

Others responded (as well as myself) that the thigh gap (still others had no idea that the thigh gap was a “thing”) is an issue linked to a bigger picture: eating disorders, body dysmorphia and for many, false ideals–and that it’s as worthy of discussing as the articles posted about skinny-shaming. In the end, it’s one tiny, sad part of the larger fight against the objectification and punishment of the female body.

Not a single soul wants to say you shouldn’t have a thigh gap. We’re just fighting against pressures that tell you who you should be. It can be anything. The point is, everyone is be acceptable just the way they are. And people shouldn’t be harming themselves for false beauty ideals.

Here’s where it gets bananapants. One woman said (newspaper music cue) EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY TELLS US THAT MATES PREFER THIGH GAPS. OH, duh!

It couldn’t possibly be advertisements, social conditioning, media pressure or the money markets that build our fears and then suckle them like a vampirechild.

Evolutionary Psychology and thigh gaps.

Evolutionary Psychology and thigh gaps.

Now, I agree to a point. When we see a fit body it informs our subconscious cupid of a lot of things, but the thigh gap, specifically? Must we truly try and reduce a valid point to pseudo-scientific theories? Get on board, already!

Now, I also know there’s the Golden Ration and there are certainly aesthetic factors that enter into play when we choose mates, but according to the Evolution of Desire by David Buss, BMI is merely a cultural artifact; he suggests looking at the preferences within different societies. I agree. I wish people (especially women) could take a compassionate stance and just listen.

Frankly, I’m sick of hearing about the thigh gap, too, because I work out 5 times a week, have a “curvy” body, my thighs love one another and I love the way I look most of the time. Darwin would eat me on a dinner plate.

And on that note, because the world is sometimes a terrible, rotten, no good, very bad place, Queen Bey is here remind you that you’re the best, no matter what.

Join us in protesting body shaming and promoting self-love. Take a selfie of anything–your thighs, your hair, whatever you love, WHATEVER your look, size and style, and post it to Instagram using the hashtag #lunalunamag #lunalunarevolution. You can also submit the pics via our tumblr page.

2 thoughts on “Pretty Hurts: How To Get A Gorgeous Thigh Gap (& Also Beyonce)

  1. Why would you protest thigh gaps if you are for body acceptance. Tons of women have them naturally and tons of other women want them just because they find them attractive. it’s their body and they should have the right to decide how it should look, no?

    Besides, you don’t even have to get an eating disorder to get a gap. You should really do some in depth research on the topic – start with the book, The Thigh Gap Hack, and you’ll see scientific evidence that a thigh gap is just about excess body fat or overdeveloped thigh muscles.

    If athletes and bodybuilders can get lean without people screaming how dangerous it is for them to do so, then women who need to get lean to achieve a certain look should be fine. Don’t even mention the men who have to get to really low levels of body fat for a six pack. Women aren’t doing anything but ogling their bodies – no worry about the dangerous of them being too lean.

    Do you see the hypocrisy?

    • *Protesting the IDEA that every woman must have one, or have large breasts, or have blonde hair, or have clear skin, or any of the hundreds of things that society pressures us to have. I have no problem with any single person’s thighs. I have a problem with the pressure society puts on people to be a certain way. If the pressure was to have touching-thighs only, I’d say something about that too. Read again.

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