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7 Ways To Live Larger In Your Own Life

Admit it. When the barista at your frequented coffee shop greets you with a, “Hey, [insert name]. [Insert your drink order here],” you feel good. I know I do. It’s a medium coffee with milk, no sugar, just in case you were wondering. We all want to seem a bit more important; giving our inner narcissist some nutrition isn’t all bad.

Being noticed by strangers gives you that irreplaceable feeling of not being invisible. Obviously, I’m focusing on the good attention here, not the unwarranted type. It’s so easy to fall into a routine day after day we tend to forget what made us so special in the first place. Well, it’s time to dust our moxie off, apply some turquoise eyeliner and get back out there.

  • Get Naked
    Hang out in your birthday suit. It sounds corny, but once you have a true understanding with yourself a tiny gleam comes to your eyes. This does not mean all the self-deprecating thoughts are banished from your mind, but you are able to sift through the unreasonable ones and tell them to kiss your bare ass.
  • Make Connections
    For free coffee. Just kidding. Making connections at your job, in MeetUp groups, in class is so important because each time you put yourself out there you hone your social and conversation skills. Think about it this way: no one is going to promote the girl in the corner who they don’t see. Go to the office party; offer to host the next party for your meet-up group.
  • Play The Name Game
    Make others feel important. You know how that barista knew your name and drink order and it gave you the warm fuzzies? It happens to them to. Take time to learn names and use them while greeting the person.
  • Shop Small
    It is important to get known in your community. Whether it’s going to the corner store each morning for a breakfast sandwich or buying a book each month from the new bookstore around the corner. Actions like these show you are supporting the enhancement of local entrepreneurial spirit and the gratitude you will get will make you feel awesome.
  • Put Your Best Face Forward
    Trying out a new color palette for your skin tone is a lot of fun. I really like the sample section in Sephora, and you should too! It gives you free range to find something that will make you look in the mirror and go, “Wow. That’s me.” Something as simple as the perfect face moisturizer can draw that reaction from you.
  • Don’t Stop Learning
    You are as commanding as you let yourself be. If you want to learn how to work a room take a networking class. Have an urge to host a dinner party but can’t cook? Then learn the great recipes of your Italian grandmother by signing up for a course.
  • Volunteer
    You know when you are at a get together and everyone asks, “What do you do?” Wouldn’t it be cool to say, “I get to play with puppies each weekend at a local shelter”? It is a great diversion from the normal drab paper pushing descriptions. Just don’t milk the Mother Teresa angle; no one likes a show off.

Making yourself shine is about making connection with other human – not the computer, not your couch, not books. We need person-to-person communication to assure ourselves we aren’t invisible and that we are bringing something unique to the table because that makes us feel innately good. Celebrate yourself and let other’s join in.


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