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The Debate Over Beyoncé’s Feminism Continues, Stupidly

…but we here at Luna Luna have a lot to say. For example, I managed to do two whole hours of dancing while listening to her music. I so hope my roommates haven’t set up a camera.

I also know that half the staff posted some variation on the sentence, “FEMINISM, BOOM” with regards to Bey’s new album. The jury’s out: we adore her.

However, we’d be remiss to exclude various viewpoints–especially as it pertains to feminism. Luna Luna encourages all viewpoints that aren’t racist, sexist or otherwise totally idiotic, and we think it’s super interesting that people have hopped on the “IS BEYONCE A FEMINIST” train with such fervor; it’s worth writing about, questioning and discussing. We hope you’ll join us.

Eva’s point of view: Beyonce: Feminist?
Dena’s point of view: Why Queen Bey Is  A Feminist.

I’ve been reading a lot of critically interesting viewpoints on Beyonce:

Like this, from REAL COLORED GIRLS:

To this we ask: Is a feminism sponsored by the corporate music industrial complex as big as we can dream? Is the end game a feminism in which the glass ceiling for black women’s representation only reaches as high as our booties? Can’t we just love Bey as an amazing corporate artist without selling out the hard won accomplishments of our black feminist and womanist foremothers?  Can we not love her for the gorgeous and fierce mega pop star she is without appropriating her for some liberal, power feminist agenda

And this NY Mag piece, which has some YIKES lines:

We know, at this point, that women who have a vested interest in being popular — i.e., celebrities — are still afraid of the word “feminism.” Some fear alienating men: “I don’t really think about things as guys versus girls,” said Taylor Swift. “I’m not a feminist. I hail men, I love men,” said Lady Gaga. Others object to negative associations: Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer objects to “the militant drive and sort of the chip on the shoulder” connected to the “negative word.”

But mostly, I personally agree with Jezebel’s take on it all:

And Cooper is absolutely right. But policing who does and does not get to be a feminist is counter-productive, and we’ve got bigger fish to fry (especially when, say, the Catholic church is still trying to control birth control). But some of the Bey dialogue has hit such a fever pitch that we feminists are missing the whole point of fighting for equality, rather than with each other.

So, check out Eva Bilick’s viewpoint on Beyonce’s feminism, and then read Dena Rash Guzman’s. There’s no real debate. Just two different POVS. It’s cool. We all still love each other.


One thought on “The Debate Over Beyoncé’s Feminism Continues, Stupidly

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