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[RANT] It Bugs Me That Christmas Is So Religious

The Plaza Hotel’s hot pink Betsey Johnson Christmas Tree. Yes, please.

The Plaza Hotel’s hot pink Betsey Johnson Christmas Tree. Yes, please.

I’m going to piss off alot of people with this post but it’s all in trying to bring us together, ok?

Can we take the Christ out of Christmas? We don’t even pronounce it that way anyway. It’s really more of a “Chris-muss.”

Let’s leave the trees up all over town, the occasional Festivus pole, and those festive pretty lights too (they help me with my Seasonal Affective Disorder) but leave the mangers and the little baby Jesus with the churches.

Let’s forget the war on Christmas, because if it was more approachable for everyone, there wouldn’t be much of a war to fight. Who doesn’t love pretty lights and a reason to celebrate (and party) during the longest nights of the year?

We can keep the Kringle, but let’s have more Kugle and hygge! (hyoo-guh)

And for Ol’ Saint Nic… Can we just focus on the holly jolly?  Aside form the red and white Santa we all know from, like, Coca-Cola, can we all accept that the story came from him being a nice older Greek gent who gave children toys? Santa is totally Mediterranean, you guys!

I’m not saying anyone should abandon their specific religious practices during this season of merriment.  Go to church on Christmas Eve or Day if you please.

For me, the chocolate Advent Calendar was one of my favorite parts of the season when I was a kid. So was playing with my mom’s manger set like it was a doll house (the angel at the top of the manger was a badass on a mission and the baby Jesus was a smart ass and there a some kidnapping plot.) Yeah.

But don’t get all weirded out by Menorahs or the lighting of Kinara candles.  Celebrations of other holidays in December never have been and certainly don’t need to be viewed as an attack on Christmas.

So decorate your Christmas Tree, Hannuakah Bush, your Kwanzaa Mkeka, Festivus Pole, or what have you and celebrate the lights we create to get through the darkest of times.

Jax is a digital video and documentary producer living in the heartland. You can follow her highjinks @Jtoddles