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Holiday Blues? 30 Ways To Make Every Day Count

holiday-bluesOnce the holidays are over, it’s easy to slip in a post-holiday funk. Some people may feel let down after focusing one’s energy on having the best Christmas party ever–presents galore, champagne dripping off the walls, music pouring from overhead speakers. Others may feel depressed for the opposite reason: the holidays represent a time of loneliness, as some don’t have families or friends to spend the holiday with due to time, finances, and location. Either way, it can be easy to let dreary weather, long hours, and various social pressures wear you down. Here are some ways to eradicate post-holiday blues:

  1. Host a potluck.
  2. Send a postcard to someone you don’t know very well.
  3. Write a letter to your closest friend.
  4. Go through your old photos & create a scrapbook, not a Facebook album.
  5. Create a playlist for someone you have a crush on.
  6. Look up a recipe for a dish you don’t know how to make, and cook it!
  7. Go to hot yoga.
  8. Take swimming lessons.
  9. Go out on a fancy date with your sweetie. Dress up like you’re a movie star.
  10. Download Duolingo on your phone & start learning a new language!
  11. Write a letter to yourself about what you want, where you want to see yourself in the next 3 years.
  12. Go to an art museum and a sketchbook–draw interpretations of your favorite pieces
  13. Redecorate your home with new art.
  14. Get a massage.
  15. Start a 365 day photo project centered around 1 person, place, or thing other than yourself.
  16. Change your hair drastically.
  17. Start a handwritten journal.
  18. Look for a typewrite to write letters with.
  19. Learn how to read tarot.
  20. Set a goal and keep a daily journal. Write every day about how you are achieving this goal.
  21. Join a dating website and make a date.
  22. Buy a camera and start taking pictures of your neighborhood.
  23. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or nursing home.
  24. Schedule a double movie night with friends or a date.
  25. Finally confront someone who has upset you.
  26. Buy a surprise gift for someone.
  27. Buy yourself flowers.
  28. Plan a vacation–plan to save money if you have to.
  29. Start a blog about a hobby or passion.
  30. Have a partner already? Plan a series of first dates to go on–act if you both just met for the first time.

Joanna C. Valente
 currently lives in Brooklyn, where she is a part-time mermaid. She received her MFA in poetry writing from Sarah Lawrence College. Some of her words can be found in The Paris-American, The Atlas Review, El Aleph Press, decomP, Thrush Poetry Journal, La Fovea, The 22 Magazine, and other places. In 2010, she founded Yes, Poetry. Her ghost resides here@joannasaid

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