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It’s Okay To Include Your Pet In The Holidays



by Cat Agonis

I’m a 26 year old woman with a pet hamster. (I’m not a 12 year old boy. Just felt the need to clarify that fact mmmkaay?). Her name is Triscuit and she’s the most amazing little creature I’ve ever grown to love.

This past Wednesday was my first ever Christmas with lil’ fluff. I got her a new wheel that’s supposedly the best, because believe it or not the wheel can indeed, be re-invented (just for hamsters tho). I also picked up some treats, and made her a special yummy feast of guava, walnuts, granola and yogurt. She adored her round-a-bout and foodie-fest tremendously, going back and forth between running and her snackerz.

Throughout my purchases, some people questioned my commitment to Tris. They said things like, “Do you really think she’ll know it’s Christmas though? I mean, she’s a hamster.” I’ve also heard people say similar things to others who buy gifts for their dogs, cats, and rabbits on special occasions. So, just why do many pet owners want to celebrate with their pets?

Let me start here: it’s not because we actually believe they know “it’s Christmas” or whateva. For me, it’s more knowing she too, will be having a special day alongside us 2-legged folk, as she’s given new things to eat and play with. Most of us celebrate holidays for specific reasons.

I celebrate Thanksgiving to give thanks (obvi), Christmas for generosity, and New Years for new beginnings. So if I’m going to give thanks, I want to thank Triscuit for being a little light in my life. If I’m going to be generous, she deserves to be on the other end of that. If it’s her birthday, she too, should be commended on making it one more year in this fierce, fierce world.

What I’m saying is, I celebrate with my pet because I want to give them the same joy and love I give the people I’m close to. I want to include them in as many aspects of my life as possible, regardless of if they fully understand the whole scope of the holiday or not.


Because that’s that’s the responsibility I took on when I brought the life of another creature into my home, for me to take care of and look out for. DUH.

So if anyone ever questions your celebratory times with your beloved little furry one, don’t feel silly. It’s perfectly alright for them to join in on the festivities.

Come midnight this New Years, I’ll be poppin’ some bubbly, and making sure Triscuit get’s a toast too, wishing happy and healthy new year, to all the animalz in the world.

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