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[TECH] Dork Out Time: Guide To Basic Web Stuff

The Barnard Bulletin

The Barnard Bulletin

Rule #1: Google is your best friend. Most of building a web site or adding code is googling it.

Rule #2: There is NEVER “something wrong with  [your] computer.” You are not putting in something correctly. Check over your tags.

Rule #3: Tags must mirror each other. For example:

The third <b>word</b> in this sentence is bold.

The third <b><i>word</i></b> in this sentence is bold and italicized.

Rule #4: Start and end your paragraphs with <p></p> tags. There are other variations. Example:

<p>I’m riding a horse to grandma’s house.</p>


<p>I’m riding a horse to grandma’s house.<br />
I fear she will not have the cookies she used to make.</p>

That <br /> tag jumps you to the next line, but doesn’t do a line break, for example:

<p>I’m riding a horse to grandma’s house.</p>

<p>I fear she will not have the cookies she used to make.</p>

Rule #5: To make something a different color, you will first have to have a handy color code guide. Example:

Laura’s lips are painted with the  <font color=”#FF0033″>blood</font>of her enemies.
Laura’s lips are<font color=”#09D13B”> green</font>like kermit’s skin.
Laura is so<b><font color=”#E1B515″> bold and sunny </font></b>.

Rule #6: A button is just a clickable image. Most of the internet is a series of clickable images.

Here is a quick and easily way to link an image (or button):

Here is an image of a Daria logo. All I did was upload this image with it’s dimensions to my Content Management System (in this case WordPress). I can either upload the image, highlight the image, and then click the link.


Add Media

Link media

Highlight media

Add link here

Or I can do it with code. Let’s add the image first. The tag (<img src=) is us telling the computer we’re about to add an image. Then we put a quotation ( ” ), add the file name of the image (you can find that from the image library when you uploaded the image), then add another quotation ( ” ), space, and end with />

<img src=”” />

Then to add the link, I’m going to add the link to the front of the image.

<a href=”“><img src=”” /></a>

It’s the same as laying down an image, except for you start with <a href=”ADD YOUR LINK”>, and at the end of the image we add </a> to close it off.

Rule #7: There is a whole world out there of lady coders. They are really nice, and you should talk to them sometime. SkillCrush will help you learn the basics and keep you on track with your goals. Girls Who Code is an amazing nonprofit that helps to close the gender gap in tech careers.

Rule #8: If you want to build it, you must first create it. Be super involved with you content, and look up fun ways to display it. Text can be boring…so interact with the internet!!! Want to tell the world about some cutesy lip gloss? Record a video on your phone, and upload it:

Rule #9: Some words have accents, and some words need to be accented with a cute heart. Here are some html codes to make you life a little easier.

Rule #10: Dear god, there is Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, and tons of other templates you can uses. Don’t go into 2014 looking like Geocities.

Image: The Barnard Bulletin

Laura Delarato is the creator of Curvy Candy, and pretty much an all around badass.

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