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It’s Not Dead Yet: Vintage Finds at AWP

I don’t mention it much here at It’s Not Dead Yet, but I’m a poet. As a writer, I’m a member of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP), and I try to attend their annual conference once every year or two. Since I knew I was going to have an article due here, I tried to take some pics of vintage finds while I was at the conference in Seattle this week.

I had never been to Seattle before this, and was lucky to have some great weather here, which I thought might bring out some great vintage outfits on people, but evidently Seattle-ites think 40 degrees is cold, so there were a lot of coats on the street.  (I was coming from Chicagoland, where we have been so far below freezing for so long that 50 degrees felt like summertime.)

There were lovely scarves and skirts in the Washington State Conference Center, but not a lot of real vintage. And I found myself so distracted by the work I was there to do like finding new places to send work and learning about teaching and writing from panels, that I kept forgetting to ask people to allow me to take their pictures.

Even the architecture here is amazing, but I was in a rush to get to the conference or back to my room to relax. I am sharing a couple of my husband’s photos since he was more attentive.


Click on any of the pics in the collage to see them and their captions. You can also see them as a slideshow by clicking on one of them.

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