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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Summer Hirtzel, A Poet On The Run

Summer Hirtzel: Traveler. She’s also a fantastic artist. Born in the valley of Northern California, this Hampshire College alum started feeling restless in her adopted hometown of Amherst, Massachusetts after her fifth year. She bravely shifted gears, uprooted, and took on the lifestyle of a traveler, seeking inspiration. She’s a poet. A student of art … Continue reading

Holiday Blues? 30 Ways To Make Every Day Count
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Holiday Blues? 30 Ways To Make Every Day Count

Once the holidays are over, it’s easy to slip in a post-holiday funk. Some people may feel let down after focusing one’s energy on having the best Christmas party ever–presents galore, champagne dripping off the walls, music pouring from overhead speakers. Others may feel depressed for the opposite reason: the holidays represent a time of … Continue reading