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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Summer Hirtzel, A Poet On The Run

Summer Hirtzel: Traveler. She’s also a fantastic artist. Born in the valley of Northern California, this Hampshire College alum started feeling restless in her adopted hometown of Amherst, Massachusetts after her fifth year. She bravely shifted gears, uprooted, and took on the lifestyle of a traveler, seeking inspiration. She’s a poet. A student of art … Continue reading

[LIT] Nostalgia And Validation: A Review of Sari Botton’s <i>Goodbye To All That</i>
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[LIT] Nostalgia And Validation: A Review of Sari Botton’s Goodbye To All That

A very smart friend gifted me this book for Christmas. It was the perfect gift, because I am a writer and I loved and left New York, and also, unbeknownst to my friend, I had read about the book in an upstate magazine months earlier and put it on my mental “to-read” list. The basics: … Continue reading